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My Travels in France


Lorsque nous ne sommes pas un voyage en Italie, nous voyageons en France.

It seems when we are not traveling in Italy, we are in France.

France is a magnificent country to visit and travel the various regions. We have always been impressed with the broad range of geography, the rich history and the culture. There are stunning coastlines. Small quaint villages. Large cities. Rolling countryside and rugged mountains. If you can think the terrain, it is most likely somewhere in the country.

Si vous parlez seulement un peu de français, essayez.

My French is limited. I guess too many years since University where I took conversational French, but I find within a few days things start to come back. For a visitor to try to speak to people in their own language is important. The French will help you out as you make it through your questions and statements. Just don't have the first thing you say be: Do you speak English? From Paris to Nice, we have nothing but good things to say about our experiences. We have made friends in the country with visits switching back and forth from Canada to France.

La France compte 26 régions

The country has 26 administrative regions, of which 21 are in mainland France. One is the island of Corsica and there are four overseas. Each of the regions is divided into departments.

Chaque région a son propre caractère

Each regions has its own distinctive character, is known for its own cooking and also dialects. So won't get worried about learning "exact French" as what they speak in Paris is different than what will be spoken in Bretagne.

We provide an overview of the Regions to highlight some of the towns and sights.

Notre revue Voyage offre des informations pour chaque région

Our Travel Journal provides information, organized by region, from our travels through France.

Notre Great Places to Stay dispose d'informations sur les hôtels

Our Great Places to Stay - France lists some of the best places we stayed in and and can make recommendations. The list covers a range of accommodations. From having the chateaux experience with high-end dinning to small farmhouse rooms, we judge each on what it presents itself to be.

Nos voyages ont de la note d'information sur les voyages spécifiques

Our Trips of Note provide information in a chronological order, based on a particular year. We have a few listed to the left.

Nous espérons que vous trouverez l'information utile

We hope your find the information on the site helpful and do plan a trip to France. You will find it most enjoyable.