Eine Marke der helit innovative B├╝roprodukte GmbH
Osemundstra├če 23-25
58556 Kierspe Germany
Customer Service:
Sven Meister
Phone: (+49) 2359 - 905 160
email: meister@helit.de

Web Site: diplomat-pen.de | mydiplomatpen.com

Founded in 1922 in Stuttgart, Germany. Producing fountain pens first, in the 1950's Diplomat was a leader of the companies to introduce the ball point pen in Germany.

There are three marketing lines for Diplomat: (1) Diplomat, classic pens, (2) Space, innovative writing instruments; and (3) Magnum, up-to-date writing instruments with forward technical design. The Space, for example, has gas-pressurized refills that writes up, down, under water, in heat or freezing temperatures.