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Ryosuke Namiki was a mechanical engineer who attended the merchant navy before taking on a professorship at his alma mater. It was then that he came up with the idea of creating a drawing pen with a built-in ink reservoir, an and idea he patented.

He left his teaching position and created the Namiki Manufacturing Company in Tokyo. Masao Wada had also left the navy and he became an investor and partner with the company.

The company was a success and on the 9th of February 1916 at 3:00 pm the company created the first 14 kt gold with an iridium point nib.

At different times and for various business alliances, Namiki pens have held different names that includes: Pilot, Asprey-Namiki, Cartier-Namiki and Dunhill-Namiki that reflected an exclusive distribution agreement between the renowned Alfred-Dunhill Company.






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