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Armando Simoni first started repairing pens, and then progressed to a full factory producing its own pens. The company was been around since 1925 and is located in Italy. Simoni died in 1958 and son-in-law Angelo Malagtuti and wife Raffaella took over the company. Raffaella became the present of the company in 1987 and Gianluca Malaguit, grandson of Armando Simoni held the position of Commercial Sales Director - so there has always been a family connection to the running of the company. Rooted in Italy, the original factory, was built in 1924 and located at Orbi Street in Bologna. A new factory, also in Bologna, opened in 1979.

OMAS is an acronym for "Officina Meccanica Armando Simoni" -- that means the workshop of Armando Simoni; the founder of the company. The family is involved in the running of the company to this day.

The company is known for quality pens, and pens that take time to make. The curing of celluloid, used in a number of the Omas lines, takes over 300 days in itself. (Celluloid is a vegetable derivative made by combining cellulose with nitric acid and camphor. The curing is very important as if not cured properly, celluloid can lose moisture and shrink. So there is a very detailed process of firing and cooling the celluloid.) The company trains their staff extensively - for example, over two years to really learn how to polish the pens in their factor.

Long in tradition, the well known Paragon model has been produced since 1932, although revised in appearance in 2006.

OMAS was acquired by the LVMH Group in 2000 with the management of the company remaining in Bologna. By being part of the LVMH group it opened up distribution and marketing avenues world-wide.

In September 2007 I had the pleasure of touring the Omas factory and meeting their Managing Director and their Managers of Marketing and Operations in Bologna. Please see my account of the visit - I was very impressed with their approach in terms of marketing and quality control concerns as well as the production methods.

In October 2007 the Xinyu Hengdeli Group, in Hong Kong, a company that already holds a strategic partnership with LVMH, acquired a 90% equity stake in OMAS. Xinyu Hengdeli distributes luxury watches in Asia and with this acquisition of equity in OMAS, Xinyu plans to expand its marketing and retail operations. This will provide OMAS with an excellent based for retail expansion in the Asia market. OMAS already has a strong international presence with, as of 2007, about 75% of its revenues come from sales outside of Italy.

LVMH will continue to provide support to Xinyu in the development of OMAS marketing strategy.

Michele Sofisti, board member of OMAS represents the Xinyu Hengdeli Group. He has held senior management roles with organizations that include Ferrari, the LVMH Group and the Swatch Group.

Mr. Christophe Artaux, Managing Director of Omas, remains in his current capacity and the management of OMAS remains at their facility in Bologna.

So lets hope that OMAS continues with the production of quality pens.



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