Pen Companies


Parker 75Parker made my first fountain pen. When I mean my first pen, not the first fountain pen I ever used. I don't really count the pens in school in that catagory. Also, I just hit the end of the use of fountain pens. Within a year or so of reach the grade where st udents changed from using a pencil to using a pen, the ball point pen tool over the school system in Winnipeg, Manitoba. My first pen, the fountain pen I selected.

Parker issued the Parker 75 in 1963 and produced versions of the pen for a number of years until 1994. The pen celebrated the 75th anniversary of Parker Pen.

Parker 75 SilverKenneth Parker worked with designer Don Doman on the pen which was targeted as an expensive model. It sold for about $25, which at the time, was pricey. The first was made from silver with a crosshatch grid pattern. The pen, with a 14 k gold nib was an excellent writer. The feature of turning the nib section to adjust the flow was another aspect to set this pen apart from otheres.

My 75 was the vermeil which has 22 k gold electroplated to the silver body and it was one of the lines made in the US. Other versions I acquired include the lacquer model that was manufactured at Parker's plant in Meru, France. In the latter years of product, Parker moved the production of all Parker 75s to the Meru locatiion.

I was in great company using the Parker 75. Specific limited edition models were created for such significant signing that include the 1991 Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty and the 1973 Vietnam Peace Agreement - to name just a few.