Visconti s.r.l. |
Via Dell'Osservatorio, 120
50141 Firenze FI Italy

Dante Del Vecchio, President
Telephone: +39 55 4250575

US Service:
Coles of London:
4901 North Dixie Highway
Boca Raton
Florida, 33431

Tel: (561) 620-3022
Fax: (561) 620-1011

Web Site:

Founded in 1988 by Dante del Vecchio and Luigi Poli, Visconti began making pens in Florence, Italy, in 1988.

In October 2008 I had the pleasure of visiting with Dante del Vecchio. Please see my Conversation with Visconti.

Their styles have roots to the history and culture of Italy. The Visconti pens pay tribute to a range of art, archaeology, philosophy, mathematics, literature, history or current events of note.

Visconti pens have been selected for such history-making events as the signing the NATO-Russia Summit on May 28, 2002, which marked the end of the cold war, and as a present for the twenty-five signatories of the European Constitution in 2005.

They have a great web site... well designed and with plenty of information on their company and the various lines of pens.