Glenn with Combo-Notebook and the Delta 1982-2012 fountain pen

I enjoy the writing experience of a fountain pen. The feel of the nib, the flow of the ink come together to make writing with a fountain pen a different experience. 

Last year I was introduced to the Comb-o Notebook which uses excellent paper and bound in a great leather cover. See Pen Views for more information. I find the individual sections of the Comb-o helpful. I use one for my photography notes, another for pens and ink and the third for general thoughts.

It is all about writing...

Comb-o Notebook

Enjoying my Comb-o note book.

You need ink...

Montblanc Twilight

Enjoying the new Limited Edition blue-black ink by Montblanc - Twilight.

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Caron d'Ache

Last Spring when I was in Paris I came across the new line of inks by Caran d'Ache. The colours have good tone and the bottle is striking in the way it sits on slant. The heavy bottle feels great in the hand.


JFK Navy Blue

As a person that uses fountain pens, getting a bottle of ink as a gift is always appreciated. I recently received a bottle of the Montblanc JFK Navy Blue ink. I find the colour strong and looks very good on the page!

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Graf von Faber-Castlell

Grav von Faber-Castell

Last year Graf von Faber-Castell issued a new line of dark-toned ink in a beautiful art deco styled bottle. The Moss Green, Garnet Red and Cobalt Blue are three favorite colours.

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Welcome to Glenn's Pens

Welcome to Glenn's Pen, a web site with information on fountain pens, ink, stores, pen companies and paper.

  • DSC_0076-800-536-OttoZebra.jpg
    Montegrappa Extra Otto, Zebra - Montegrappa has done it again with the new line of Extra, the Otto, eight sided celluloid and sterling silver.
  • DSC_0078-800-536-Augusta.jpg
    Novelli Augusta - manufactured for Novelli Pen in Rome by Visconti, I have waited a long time for this pen. Now, I have pen IV of IV with sterling silver rhodium plated trim.

My 2015 trip to Italy was a success! Two new stunning pens joined by collection. See Pens of Note for the Montegrappa Extra Otto and the Novelli Augusta.

In 2014 the Vancouver Pen Club, in partnership with Delta Pen and YAFA, their North American representative, had an exclusive fountain pen designed and produced: the VPC Delta Dolcevita Caruso. See Pens of Note.

Above: the VPC Delta Dolcevita Caruso

Pen Stores

I started the site many years ago to provide information on pen stores and to note those I thought were Great Pen Stores.


The ink you use is important. I have included information and reviews on inks.

When you come across a "Great Pen Store" or a great bottle of fountain pen ink or other pen accessory, send me an e-mail with your thoughts.

Pen Companies

I include information on pen manufacturers under Companies. Over the past years I have had the opportunity to meet and tour some of the great pen manufacturers of fountain pens located in France and Italy.


I include information on some of the major brands of paper. There are endless varieties of paper to choose from, and many are not available in all markets. The main point about paper is that it is one of the factors that defines how you pen writes.


I am not a vintage pen collector, although I have had the opportunity to write with some vintage pens and I am impressed with how many vintage pens write. For the most part vintage pens are too small for my hands.

I include photos and write-ups of what I refer to as my Pens of Note. These are pens in my collection and I particularly enjoy how they feel and how they write.



Graf von Faber-Castell Boutique opens in Vancouver

Grtaf Van Faber-Castell Boutique

I had the pleasure of attending the opening of the Vancouver Graf von Faber-Castell Boutique which opened in the new Charals store at 171 Robson Street.

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Vancouver Pen Club Delta Dolcevita Caruso

The Exclusive Vancouver Pen Club Delta Dolcevita Caruso fountain pen has quickly become a a hit with members of the Vancouver Pen Club.

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OMAS Extra Lucens Limited Edition 2013

I was pretty happy when my wife told me she has already contacted Marco of Novelli Pen in Rome to arrange for me to pick up the stunning Montegrappa Extra 1930 in Turtle Brown. See Pens of Note. It is stunning. Ci vediamo molto presto Marco!

Delta 30th Anniversary Pen

Delta Fusion One

I added to my set of limited edition pens the very classic Delta 1982-1912 30th Anniversary Pen.

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