Glenn with Combo-Notebook and the Delta 1982-2012 fountain pen


Glenn with Combo-Notebook and the Delta 1982-2012 fountain pen

I enjoy the writing experience of a fountain pen. The feel of the nib, the flow of the ink come together to make writing with a fountain pen a different experience. 

Last year I was introduced to the Comb-o Notebook which uses excellent paper and bound in a great leather cover. See Pen Views for more information. I find the individual sections of the Comb-o helpful. I use one for my photography notes, another for pens and ink and the third for general thoughts.

It is all about writing...

Comb-o Notebook

Enjoying my Comb-o note book.

Ink ...

Kyo no oto

Kyo no oto ink

I have come across an interesting line of ink from Japan, kyo no oto.

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Waterman Blue Black Ink

Call it going back to basics, but I am enjoying my Waterman Blue Black ink. I am also enjoying the more realistic price!

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Let's Meet up In Paris!

Bonjour! Comment ça va? If you are in Paris in June, and doesn't that have a nice ring to it, let's meet up at Plume et Bille, one of the best pen stores in Paris on Wednesday June 7th!

Plume et Bille Meet Up

I visit with Brigitte Courson of Plume et Bille each when when I am in Paris and last year. I regularly hear how a reader of the site has just visited the store. So we decided to have a evening pen event. Come by Plume et Bille any time after 5 pm and we can meet, I will introduce you to Brigitte and of course her carefully picked selection of pens. I think we can have a drink also! Check back for more details later, but if you are arranging your itinerary now, mark Wednesday, June 7th at Plume et Bille as the place to be!


Welcome to Glenn's Pen, a web site with information on fountain pens, ink, stores, pen companies and paper.


My June 2016 trip to Paris was likewise rewarding as with my visit to Plume Et Bille, I added the Namiki Fuji Wave fountain pen to my collection. And to just keep on a role for my fall trip to Italy, well a visit with Novelli Pen in Rome is always a good thing, my Pens of Note include a Montegrappa MIYA, the Pelikan M800 Burnt Orange and the Visconti Corsani.

I am now finalizing our trip in the spring that includes Prague, Vienna, Budapest and of course Paris; as well as various areas of Italy and Rome in the fall..


Pen Stores

I started the site many years ago to provide information on pen stores and to note those I thought were Great Pen Stores.


The ink you use is important. I have included information and reviews on inks.

When you come across a "Great Pen Store" or a great bottle of fountain pen ink or other pen accessory, send me an e-mail with your thoughts.

Pen Companies

I include information on pen manufacturers under Companies. Over the past years I have had the opportunity to meet and tour some of the great pen manufacturers of fountain pens located in France and Italy.


I include information on some of the major brands of paper. There are endless varieties of paper to choose from, and many are not available in all markets. The main point about paper is that it is one of the factors that defines how you pen writes.


I am not a vintage pen collector, although I have had the opportunity to write with some vintage pens and I am impressed with how many vintage pens write. For the most part vintage pens are too small for my hands.

I include photos and write-ups of what I refer to as my Pens of Note. These are pens in my collection and I particularly enjoy how they feel and how they write.



Since getting back from Portugal and Paris, for me, it has been about emjoying the pens that I have. I added the Namiki Fuji Wave to my collected. I first through the pen may be too narrow for my hand, but I like the size and especially the incredibly smooth nib. It is a pleasure to write with this pen.

I put in place an aggressive rotation schedule, to cycle through my many fountain pens. I have enjoyed loading up my pen cases each week with a different selection of fountain pens.

I also expanded the inks to include some of the Limited Edition Montblanc lines. I especially like the beautiful blue of the Leo Tolstoy.

The Montblanc Permanent Grey was a real pleasant surprise. Usually I find grey inks too light, but this is a strong bold colour.

Kyo no oto, is a ink company in Japan that makes an interesting line of inks. I have started to work through some of the colours, most I must say I have liked. More information on this line is in the Inks Section.

Now I am getting ready to leave for a trip to Italy.