Welcome to Glenn's Pens

As an avid user of fountain pens I enjoy the writing experience of a fountain pen. The nib, flow of the ink, the characteristics of the line of ink on the page.

Pen Stores

I started the site as a source of information on pen stores and those that were Great Pen Stores. Through my travels I started collecting names and addresses of stores selling fountain pens. A listing of the pen stores is found in the Stores Directory. Great pen stores either have a selection, atmosphere and service that is of note.

When you come across a "Great Pen Store" or a great bottle of fountain pen ink or other pen accessory, send me an e-mail with your thoughts.

Since starting "Glenn's Pen's" and providing reviews on stores others have provided reviews of stores they have visited. The information on pens has expanded to fountain pen ink and the pen companies themselves.

Fountain Pen Ink

Ink is an important part of writing with a fountain pen, and I have developed a specific preference in what like I like. Ink reviews provide information on the colour, tone and writing characteristics of various inks.

Pen COMPANIES/Manufacturers

I include information on pen manufacturers under Companies. Over the past years I have had the opportunity to meet and tour some of the great pen manufacturers of fountain pens located in France and Italy.