Inks of Note - Green

Blue/black is one of my most used colour choices in inks.

Diamine - Evergreen

Diamine Evergreen

So I have one bottle of Evergreen and one bottle of Green Black. I have always wondered if they put the wrong cap on the bottles at the factory. The Diamine bottles do not have the colour of the ink printed on the label. There is a small label on the cap of the bottle.

This green is very dark, in fact it looks black, until the light hits the ink in just a particular way, and then a beautiful dark green appears. Kind of what you may think Green Black would be like!

Good performance. Dry's in a reasonable time, pretty much all dry on the paper between 5 to 10 seconds. My sample writing is with a M800 Oblique Double Broad and that ink lays a heavy line of ink on the paper.


shin-ryoku (Forest Green)

shin ryoku

This is a pleasant green. It has enough contrast that it looks good on paper, but it is not a glarring as some inks can be. There is good flow and reasonable try times. I have been using it for a few days at the office and I am liking this ink.


Diamine Green Black

Diamine Green Black


This is a good rich green. I think as you look at the Green Inks of Choice the deep tones are the ones that I tend to use more.


Montblanc Irish Green

Montblanc Irish  Green


This colour was issued in the later half of 2010 as part of the release of the new 2010 Montblanc inks. The inks come in an updated design the the iconic Montblanc ink bottle. The green is rich in tone, has good saturation and flows well in a number of pens.

Irish Green by MontblancIt is an "easy green" to take in that it is not overly bright, as some green are and stand off the page making a whole page of writing hard to read. No, this ink is dark enough that it looks good in business and personal notes.

The ink dries in a reasonable time frame and has not of the "stickiness" that can be found in some brands.

Monthblanc Jonathan Swift Seaweed Green

Montlanc Seaweed Green

It is always interesting what ink you at first do not like, and then really grow to like. Montblanc Seaweek Green is just that colour.

Seaweed Green


Waterman Green

Waterman GreenGreen is a colour I used quite often, and my two choices always are the Waterman Green and Private Reserve Sherwood Green.

So as the scan of one of my travel journals shows, I have been using this ink since 1994.

The Waterman Green has somewhat less intensity with a broad nib but the tone is such that it looks okay on office documents. The flow is a little less than the Private Reserve, but a good all round ink.

Edelstein Olivine

Starting in 2012, Pelikan has issued an Ink of the Year in the Edelstein line. As an Ink of the Year, the particular colour is produced for one year, replaced with another colour in the subsequent year. In a few cases, such as the 2016 Aquamarine, the particular colour has been added to the regular line of Elelstein ink. I sure hope this would be the case with Olivine.

Edelstein Olivine

Olivine is a beautiful green with olive tones. It looks soft to the eye, yet leaves a line with real presence. After just a few days of using this ink it has immediately moved into my Inks of Choice. A full page of writing looks strong and easy to take. Ink flow is similar to the other colours in the Edelstein line. Good flow, works well in a variety of pens,

The ink comes into the very attractive rectangular shaped bottle. It has an very attractive look and the slligh indends in the heavy glass bottle feel very good to the hand. The cap is a heavy plastic. All around this is one attractive bottle. My only wish would be to redesign the Edelstein logo! The bottle holds 50 ml of ink.