Glenn's Pens - Inks of Note

Waterman Blue Black

Waterman Blue Black has always been one of my go-to inks. It and other blue-black inks I reguarly use are in Inks of Note - Blue Black

Louis Vuitton Brown

On one of visits to Paris I stopped by the Louis Vuitton store and picked up some of their ink. Expensive, but beautifully packaged. Good Ink also.

Brown and Blue inks in Inks of Note.

Graf-von-Faber Castel Cobalt Blue

The Graf von Faber-Castel line of ink is very good. Cobalt Blue is one of my favorites.

iroshizuku ink

The iroshizuku line of inks are so popular, as they should be. Overall, excellent inks.

Inks of Note

One of the advantages of using a fountain pen is the wide selection of inks. My pen cabinet is a testimony to the saying: "You can never have too much writing ink!"

Some of the inks that I use become my inks of choice, or a ink to take note of. These are the inks that I find I keep cycling through my pens on the most frequent basis.

I think to be a great ink, it has look good when you are using it, and also, when you go back to read something you have written some time later. I have had may share of experiences with inks that on one day look great, but when I go back at a later time, I have to ask myself: “What were you thinking!”

Quantity or mass of writing is also a test. Just about any colour looks great for a single line, a quick note on a card. When look at an entire page of writing and some of the colours just don´t look so good.

I tend to lean towards bold colours, colours that have a presence on the page, inks with solid saturation of tone, so with a broad or stub nib the mid-section of the stroke is not washed out.


Inks of Note by Colour

  • Blue — Give me a dark blue ink and I am happy. Blue is one of the colours that most writers have in their collection of inks and a regular question of pen enthusiasts is: what is the best blue.
  • Blue-Black— I tend to use the blue-black inks quite a bit as my writing has a darker tone. Many have a flat colour tone. I think that a written page with blue-black ink has a classic, timeless look.
  • Black — nothing looks sharper than a signature written in a bold dark black ink.
  • Green— this is me on the edge, I move from my blue comfort zone and use green frequently.
  • Purple — if it is not one of the above colours, then my pen may have one of the colours that I group in the purple group.
  • Red and Orange

The actual tone of ink will vary depending on the nib used in terms of the width of the stroke, the pressure used to write, pressing harder creates more ink flow, the flow of the pen itself impacting the amount of ink hits the paper, and the characteristics of the paper in terms of absorption or feathering.

Enjoy your ink, and express yourself.