Inks of Note - Red & Orange

I do like a bold red ink, and lately I have been exploring the exciting world of orange!

Montblanc Hitchcock Red

No longer available, it was one of the limited edition inks that was produced in conjunction with the writer series fountain pens. But, it is an example of a true, rich, bold red.

Hithcock Red


Caron d'Ache - Electric Orange

Electric Orange

This is the new line of inks and colours that Caron d'Ache released in 2014. I came across them when in Paris. Immediately grabbed some of the stunning bottles, and started to enjoy the new inks.

The Electric Orange is just that, electric! It is a bold orange.

iroshizuku yu-yake



This is the orange in the iroshizuku line of inks. Like the other colours, the performance is good. Seems to work well in a variety of pens I have loaded with the ink. It is a lighter orange, and depending on the size of the nib, a red tone can appear in the shadows. With Stub nibs the colours comes out with more punch.

Graf von Faber-Castell

Faber-Castell Burnt Orange

The Faber-Castel Burnt Orange has a good tone, it dries darker than it first appears on the page. I did find the ink colour changes with nibs and paper.



The iroshizuku line has a couple of oranges, and this is one of the ones that I use the most because it has a bold rich colour, a ink with enough substance that it even lays a good solid line of ink using a Waterman Stub nib.