Blue, Calligraphers Black, Brown, Red, Green

Difficult to find this ink. I do not think it is in production anymore. As soon as I can confirm that, I will eliminate this review.

The black is one of the darkest and best flowing ink I have used and works great in just about any pen. The ink is also a good test of being able to store ink. I bought up a case of the black some 15 years ago. I keep the ink in a closed cupboard and to this day it writes just fine.

I regularly get requests as to where you can buy Platignum inks. I am told that Platignum inks in a wide variety of colours are available from Wallacks on Bank Street in Ottawa, Ontario. (Thanks to Alan Bennett for helping with that) and also Robert Antovel of Art & Frame of Sarasota sells the ink in blue and black, bottles and cartridges.

  • Black - dark rich colour with good flow
  • Brown - a dark flat brown in colour, I have not been able to get this ink for years but found long after dried, it was susceptible to smudging if your fingers were moist.