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There are differnt lines of Sailor ink as well as many different of colours to choose from - you have lots of options with this line of ink.

It was in 1922 that Kyugoro Sakata, an engineer from the naval port of Hiroshima was given a fountain pen, and he sought to create a fountain pen in Japan. He named the company, Sailor Pen which produced the first fountain pen in Japan.


I have a few colours from the Shikiori line of ink. The colours rich, the ink has good writing characteristics, the ink comes in a smartly designed square bottle. What is not to like. Only the price for the 30 ml bottle.


Manyo is an abbreviation of Manyosyo, meaning the people, and there are thousands of poems about the people and these poems refer to various plants and flowers. This line of ink has colours based on the flowers mentioned in Manyosyu. Sailor refers to this line as an overseas exclusive ink.

Basic Line

Sailor ink comes in two basic lines. The 1000 Series in Black, Blue and Blue-Black. The 2000 series which is an ink with pigment, rather than dye, in black (Kiwaguro), blue (Seiboku) and blue-black (Souboku). Both lines come in a small square 50 ml glass bottle.


The Storia line of ink is a pigment based in, that is water resistant and marketed as have less bleed through on paper. The ink comes in a very small squarish bottle that holds only 20 ml of ink. The ink comes in eight colours: Purple (Magic), Blue (Night), Green (Balloon), Yellow Green (Clown), Yellow (Spotlight), Light Brown (Lion), Red (Fire) and Pink (Dancer). I have not tried any of the inks from this line.

Ink Studio

Go crazy now! Here Sailor says they have created 20,000 colours!. The Ink Studio line has 100 colours. This is a dye based inki in a 20 ml square glass bottle.

Ink Studio 100 Colours

Sailor Inks


There are 20 colours in this line of ink. The ink comes in a beautiful square 20 ml bottle.

I have found that some of the colours have very subtle differences. The name of the ink in on the cardbard box that holds the bottle. But, the colour of the ink is not printed in english on the bottle itself. If you get all your inks mixed up, you will have to match the characters on the bottle to the characters on the cardboard which will also carry the enlish name of the ink. That will keep you on your toes!



Shikiori Line of Inks


There were eight colours in the first release of the line; and during 2020 eight new colours were added. I have seen them at one of my local pen stores, Vancouver Pen, but I have not tired the inki so far. They are beautiful delicate colours and I have seen some of the writing sames staff have in their own personal journal books.


Manyou Line

First set of colours

Manyo Second set of Colours

Second set of colours

Shikiori - Yodaki

Shikiori - Yosaki


I sometimes think of this ink as a red-brown, but I see that it is often referred to as a flat red. I think the colour on the label implanted the idea that this ink was part of a family of brown colours. In any regard, I like the colour and the writing properties of the ink.

The ink has a rich dark tone. It dries in a reasonable time to a nice flat colour. The ink has a presence on the page without any garish aspect. I like the ink on many perspectives except for the price. It is a costly ink to bring to ship to Canada and size of the bottle ison 20 ml. Luckily the old shallow round bottles on the Jentle series are gone. The rectangular shaped bottle is easier to fill, but at 20 ml, there are only going to be so many fills.

Skikiori - Shimoyo

Shikiori - Shimoyo


Shimoyo is a dark blue-black ink that if you like blue-black inks, this will rank up near the top. The colour is dark and rich.

The writing characteristics is top not. The ink has such a smooth flow. It hits the paper and dries to a good flat finish. Nothing sticky or glossy about this ink.

Shikiori - Yonaga

Shikiori - Yonaga


Shikiori Yonaga is a beautiful rich dark blue ink. Of the limited number of colours that I ordered when this line of inks came out, Yonaga is the colour I have liked the most. Glad I bought more than one bottle of this colour as the ink comes in a very small 20 ml bottle.

It looks so good on paper. The dark blue gives such a presence to your writing. It is a strong but comfortable colour. Dries to a nice flat finish. Your writing will look good ten years from now! Good flow. Reasonable dry time. Looking for a good deep dark blue. This is one to consider



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