Pen Links

The number of pen sites on the Internet increases on an ongoing basis.





  • Tyler Dahl - Tyler offers fountain pen repair services.
  • Dalys Pen Shop - web site for the Milwaukee, Wisconsin pen store.
  • Diamine Ink - web site for Diamine Ink.
  • Double Cream | pen and refill site from Australia - site has pens, leather wallets, bags, purses, belts and cuff links.
  • Duly Noted | stationery store in Halifax, Parker, Waterman, Lamy, Pelikan, Sheaffer. Cross, Caran D'ache, Faber Castelle, Diplomat, Platinum, Fisher, Pilot, Yoro, and Sherpa.


  • Elephant and Coral Pen Distributors | web site for Singapore company.
  • Engravably Yours | carries Acme, Aurora, Colibri, Cross, Faber-Castell, Jeanne Pierre Lepine, MontBlanc, Namiki, Omas, Parker, Pelikan, Sensa, Sheaffer, Stipula, Tombow, Visconti, Waterford and Waterman.
  • Executive Essentials | Office, desk accessories, includes some pens.
  • Executive Pens Direct | on-line store, major manufacturers with many lines represented. Includes refils, pen cases and journals etc.


  • Facets | site for ink-well or ink bottle collectors, located in the United Kingdom.
  • Fahrney's Pens Inc | Web site for the well established pen store.
  • Fendrihan - Website for items for the man of distinction, including, of course, a selection of pens.
  • Fuellhalter | web site is in German, but you can make your way through the selections.
  • Fountain Pen Heaven - web site for this Atlanta Georgia pen retailer.
  • Fountain Pen Hospital | west site for New York pen store.
  • Franklin-Christoph - a manufacturer of its lines of pens.


  • Gardino Italiano | web site for Italian fine pens and limited editions.
  • Goldspot - on-line pen shopping with a selection of pens, notebooks, journals, leather goods, inkwells and ink.
  • Goulet Pen Company - Brian Goulet provides reviews and information as well as a retail store.
  • Grifos pen company - Maurizio Stura of Aosta - Italy operates this web store.
  • Matthias Gröschke - Matthias is a calligrapher in Germany, his site has informationon pen nibs and other calligraphy-items - site is in German.


  • Harrogate House | - carries Rubinato inks and writing accessories.
  • His Nibs | web site has pens, inks and other "must-have's"
  • höchli - major store located in Germany, and the site is in German.


  • Ink Flow | web site carries pens, refils and inks.


  • J M Pennifeather Pens - web site for London stores.
  • Jet Pens | online online Japanese writing instrument and art supply store. I use for ordering ink.


  • Werner Kleinhorst's Pen Site | An impressive site with over 200 fountain pens with photos, some are for sale. A little German will help you move around faster, but you can click your way through the site was some ease.
  • Knight's Writing Company - web site with a selection of pens, paper, pinks, cartridges.
  • John Krewalk | Pen site for pen collector John Krewalk.
  • K Schweizer | Journals of various types, including software, as well as ink bottles, calligraphy pens and a very small selection of wood pens.



  • Maine Heritage Products | handcrafter pens from historic woods.
  • Marcus Moments - our line of blank note cards, complete with, what else, a series titled: Pen to Paper.
  • McKinnon Pens | With the exception of the nib and converter section, all parts of the pen are manufactured by the MacKinnon Company's own facilities in England. The Honeycomb Pen is first of series of limited editions with 75 produced to include 50 fountain pens and 25 roller ball pens, in each of four colours.
  • Meirninger's | fine art supplies that includes some pens.
  • Melpens | web site for pens, inks and related items.
  • Greg Minuskin - nib tipping and fountain pen repairs.
  • - Web site for Montreal designer Marie-Josée Francoeur, and artist who makes hand-made pens.
  • Modern Montegrappa Pens - James Richardson has put together an informative website devote to modern, regular production Montegrappa pens.
  • John Mottishaw Classic Pen Nibs - Pen Nib Repairs | The Nibster is John Mottishaw of Mottishaw Nibworks (otherwise known as Classic Fountain Pens, Inc.)
  • Montgomery Pens
  • Montblanc Pen Blog - Blog site all about Montblanc Pens moderated by Charlemont.
  • Montegrappa | This is the company's web site, with information on this company.
  • 3.6.5 Design by Giuliano Mazzuoli | Giuliano Mazzuoli creates pens with an innovative design and usually works in aluminum that is manually crafted into a pen in Italy.
  • Greg Minuskin- Nib Retipping - He offers nib retipping services to the pen collector, investor, or restorer.
  • Mr. Pen | on-line access pen for Mr. Pen in the United Kingdom.


  • Novelli | This is the web site for Novelli, a must stop when you are in Rome.
  • Nib Grinding - Gustavo Rodriguez - - Tel: 210-336-7497 - long established skilled craftsman specializing in nib smoothing and calligraphy nibs.


  • Omas Society | join the OMAS Society. Complementary gifts and option for members to buy Omas pen. Currently only available to persons of Italy, France and the US. Sorry that leaves a lot of us out.
  • Ottawa Pen Club - blog for Ottawa Pen Society.
  • Alexander Overdiep - web site with very interesting ink bottles.


  • Papeterie Brachard | Located in Genève.
  • papeterie nota bene | web site for popular Papeterie Nota Bene. Collection of stationery from France, Japan, Sweden, Italy, Germany, Belgium and Spain.
  • Papier Plume - web site for the New Orleans store.
  • Paradise Pen Company - we site with store directory.
  • Parafernalia • Catalogue site for Italian Pen orders.
  • Passion4Pens - Fountain pens, roller ball pens, ball point pens, mechanical pencils and pen supplies.
  • Patterdale Pens - Blythe Larson's web site for her new pen store. There is a showroom in Liberty, Missouri, which can be visited on an Appointment Basis.
  • Paul's Pens | Paul Sabourin makes a range of pens, all accepting Cross or Parker refils.
  • Pen Boutique
  • Pen Central
  • Pen Chalet - on-line site offering the major lines of pens as well as ink, refills and accessories.
  • The Pen Company - Online designer pen shop specialising in fountain pens, roller pens, ball point pens and much more.
  • Penchetta Pen & Knife - web site for Scottsdale Arizona store.
  • Pen Collectors of America | A non-profit organization devoted to vintage pen collectors.
  • Pen Heaven | web site for this London company offering a range of leading designer brands. They also carry some of the more difficult to locate brands that include Laban, Online, Platinum and Monteverde.
  • Pen Place - website for Kansas City pen store.
  • Pen Time - also known as Chatterley Pens - Bryant Greer's web site for his on-line pen store. I have purchased two different pens from Bryant and the service is excellent. Highly recommend.
  • Pen to Paper -
  • Pen Shop - website for Sydney Australia pen store
  • Penbox | has previously focused on vintage pens but is now handling some selected new Parker Duofolds and other selected lines.
  • Penemporium | this is Stipula's on-line pen shop. Carries selection of fountain pens, roller ball pens, writing instruments from the official catalogue of the manufacturer.
  • Pen Fountain - Online site for pens. Supplier of main brands of fountain pens including Waterman, Shaeffer, Lamy and Mont Blanc at competitive prices.
  • Penmen - Gary Blehm's website with a series of pen posters. You have seen his pen posted in magazines such as Pen World.
  • Pen Warehouse - variety of types of pens from disposables to its Executive Brands.
  • Penworks | Arizona Pen Store.
  • Pens and Leather
  • Pensations
  • Pentrace - the pen discussion board has a new URL.
  • Pens by Norman - Norman's site has over 300 pens he creates himself.
  • Pens From Heaven | UK online Pen site with writing instruments, refills etc from Faber-Castell & Graf von Faber-Castell, Porsche Design, Pelikan, Caran d'Ache, Tombow, Schneider and more.
  • Pentrace - - A wealth of information: discussion board, articles, archives. Lots here to keep you busy and well worth a bookmark/favorite!
  • Pen City | The largest pen store in Australia.
  • Pendemonium | Great site, stood the test of time. I receive good reviews. Information, pens, inks, inkwells, stationery.
  • Pen-Plus On Line Pen Rescue | Ron Felman provides information and assistance on vintage pens.
  • Penoply | Rick Conner's pen site with loads of information on pens. .
  • Penopoly | a pen repair, restoration and sales company located in the San Francisco Bay Area. Comprised of Roger Cromwell and Victor Chen, This s one of the only companies that will work on clients' pens on-site during pen shows and clinics at local pen and antique stores.
  • The Pen Shop | Information about pens, special offers, pen information. By clicking on the 'Where we are' button the address of other Pen Shop stores is available. They even have a tax and duty free store at London's Heathrow airport.
  • Pen Stop Online | Online pen shopping, vintage, modern.
  • Pentiques - Vintage fountain pen repair and restoration services as well as sales.
  • Points of Distinction | this is the exclusive source for Diplomat writing instruments.
  • John Poole • Steel nibs - John is the son of Phillip Poole, and took over the business.


  • Quilljoy | Canada's fine writing store, an on-line store for pens and stationery.


  • Regali Novelli | Web site for a pen store in Rome that is just packed with pens so be sure to ask about what you are looking for, operated this web site listing regular and an extensive range of limited edition and vintage pens. See Great Pen Stores Reviews about the Store. If you are checking our limited editions, you should stop by this site.
  • Richard Altenhofen | Wood, Metal Stone, Art that works for you. Richard makes a line of pens.
  • Richard Binder | Richard Binder repairs and sells vintage and modern pens, adjusts, repairs and customizes nibs. Web site includes reference section and description of his personal collection.
  • Gustavo Rodriguez - - long established skilled craftsman specializing in nib smoothing and calligraphy nibs. Gustavo did a great job on one of my Pelikan M1000 double broad nibs.


  • Scottsdale Pen | Website for this Scottsdale pen store. You can order pens on-line, however, there is no way to choose a nib size for a fountain pen.
  • Seattle Pen Club | website for Seattle Pen Club with meeting and Pen Show Information.
  • Signatures of York Co| Site for the Signatures of York store in York, UK proving some information about their store.
  • Skripta-Paris On line store for papier Malin in Paris.
  • South Slope Stylos - vintage fountain pen repair, restoration and sales by Mike Harcourt. Mike also has set up a repair desk at Perks.
  • Southern California Pen Collector's Club - a pen club with a 30 year history.
  • Speak Easy Pens | Site for handcrafted pens.
  • Stamp Room - I list the stamp room as they contain a pretty good listing of links to fountain pen sites on the net.
  • La Stilografica - web site for the Milan pen store, La Stilografica.
  • Style - writing and luxury goods located in Zug, Switzerland - They also keep a daily blog:

  • | Here's the web site for La Boutique du Stylo group of stores in Quebec. Great news for Canadian pen fans, no hassles getting parcels across the boarder - just place your order and Guy Filion and his staff will look after you. The location of the stores in Montréal, Laval and Sainte-Foy are listed in the Pen Stores Directory or on the web site. Guy even has a pen club so that your repeat business pays off for you!
  • Stylophiles Online - this great online pen magazine - site content historical only.


  • The Pen Company - Online designer pen shop specialising in fountain pens, roller pens, ball point pens and much more.
  • The Pen World - this is the web site for The Pen World, an on-line pen store. You will see that the site will automatically convert prices to the current of your counry.
  • Tree Ring Pens - handcrafted pens from trees 100 plus years of age harvested through forest restoration projects.




  • Websters Pen Shop | Web site for this well established pen company. Web site includes price protection. They regularly track prices in the UK, and if they find the pen in the UK at a lower price within 7 days of purchase they will give the difference. Not bad!
  • William Pen | Web Site for Bangalore pen company
  • Wood Pens Online - Handcrafted pens of word, stone, silver - uses Montblanc, Parker and cross refills..
  • Wonderpens - website for Toronto pen store.
  • Wrappingers Woodwork | handcrafted writing instruments out of wood and other materials.
  • Write in Style | web site for Bob & Sue Wulff, handcrafted pens.
  • Writer's Edge | The Writer's Edge is 15 minutes from the Fisher Space Pen factory and is one of the ONLY companies in the WORLD that stocks EVERY Space Pen and product manufactured by the Fisher Pen Company.
  • Writing Desk - selling modern and vintage pens.



  • Yafa | Manufactures their own lines of pens as well as distributes a number of lines.