Fabriano, a town in Marches Regionof Italy, is one of the first places to make quality paper on a large scale. The Fabriano paper mills are references in historical documents dating to 1276. Fabriano recognizes 1283 as the year of its formal beginning which establishes it as the oldest paper mill in the Western world.

It is believe the process of watermarking papers started in Fabriano. In addition to watermarking paper, the creation of gelatin sizing started in Fabriano. Sizing is an important aspect of the paper. It increases the strength of the paper and it also helps to keep ink from feathering. Sizing of paper dates back to the Moors who used starches. But, it was in Fabriano that sizing was created using gelatin glue, still in use today. It resulted in the archival quality of Fabriano paper being marketly better than what had existed before.

Depending on the product, Fabriano papers are made using hand-made, mouldmade or machine made processes.

Today, Fabriano, is a result of the purchase of Cartier Miliani Fabriano by Gruppo Fedrigoni. The company operates boutique stores in major cities in Italy as well as Terminal 3 and Terminal A of Fiumicino Airport.

In addition to the Fabriano Boutiques, Corners are sections of stationary or other specialty stores which have been selected to profile and sell Fabriano products.

Fabriano Paper

I recently had the opportunity to buy some Fabriano paper and have have really enjoyed writing on this paper. So smooth, and no bleeding through the sheet.

I picked up some A5 and A4 pads of the small dot pattern grid paper. Each is a covered pad. The cover folds over the pad. Each sheet nicely is pulled off the pad.

The pads are the European sized A5 and A4 so that makes then excellent for personal correspondence and less so for business use in North America. But don't let that deter you. This is one very good paper.