Rhodia PadsTwo borthers, Henri and Robert Verilhac, founded "Papeteries Verilhac freres" in Lyon in 1932. Being from a family in the paper business, this was a natural. The company moved from Lyon to Sechilienne, near Grenoble, for operational reasons. This moved enabled the company to be closer to the paper factories of France. By the 1950s, the company was expanding it business in Algiers and used paper produced locally. In the 1960s the company lost a presence in North America but was purchased in 1997 by the Clairefontaine Group.

Now in North America the Rhodia books can be found in many pen, stationary as well as art supply stores in North America as well as around the world. The notepads that are so familiar today were a sideline business when first issued. Now, of course, they are iconic symbols of the company.

There is a wide range of size and styles availalbe. The paper comes in different weights, ranging from 60 to 80 g. The superfine velium finish paper provides a very smooth writing experience.

My Use of Rhodia

I have started to use some of the Rhodia Pads for notes.

Dot Pad

I like the Dot pattern where a series of dotes for a line, and in essence a grid, rather than the solid grid. The quality of paper is excellent

Rhoida Dot PadVery good quality paper is very good. The paper is 80 g (21 lb paper), vellum finish.

As the scan to the right shows, the dots are very faint, and in fact with the scan, they hard come through. The same with looking at the page. It is the writing that is seen, and the dots are just there, ever so visible in the background.

The paper is opaque so it is easy to write on both sides.

I tend to use this as a true notepad, my my camera or messenger bag so that I can make notes when out on a photography event or just to make some quick notes or try out an ink or pen that I have the opportunity to test,

The Dot Pad, 145 x 210, have cardboard back, that makes writing on something other than a full desk, easier. The pads have a stock cover which is nice, as the staples are not visible on the back. No scratching of a desk etc.

The papers have a very fine smooth perforation so pulling a sheet of paper out to leave with a note for someone is effortless and it does not have a torn-out-of-a-book look.

Great paper.



Rhodia pad in my bagThe Rhodia pads come in interesting sizes. Some almost square, other more rectangle. I like the paper. I

I like the smaller size bags as they can pop into one of my leather bags and it seems it is always handy to have a notebook for a short note. basically always use grid line styles.

Rhodia Block No 13 10.5 x 14.8 cm (4.1 x 5.8"), grid, the patern of choice for me, the pad comes with a hard cardboard back making it easier to write when on the go. No 1`3 has 80 sheets of 80 g/m or 21 lb paper.

I find the grid is a little on the heavy side. Generally, the paper, while good quality, has a slightly rougher feel than the very smooth paper found in the Clairefontaine notebooks..