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Through my travels I started collecting names and addresses of stores selling fountain pens. Some I found to be great places to buy a pen. Since I started "Glenn's Pen Page", others have provided reviews of stores they have also come across in their travels. This has all resulted in a reference point on pen stores.


When you come across a "Great Pen Store" or a great bottle of fountain pen ink or other pen accessory, send me an e-mail with your thoughts. If you can provide address information that would be very helpful. I will include it with the next update.


Glenn Marcus, pen collector


The site has the following main sections (see menu on left side):

  • Great Stores — reviews of great pen stores.
  • Stores — listing and address information of pen stores.
  • Pen Companies information and contacts for pen companies.
  • Ink — comments on fountain pen inks.
  • About Pens — information about fountain pens, tours of Waterman, Aurora and OMAS pen factories.
  • Pen Views — from time to time, my views about pens.
  • Pens of Note — some pens stand out as "pens of note" in my collection.
  • Links — pen sites and resources of interest.

Glenn Marcus always with a pen on his travels


You always need a good pen to write in your travel journal.

Often asked: why do I do this?


I have a passion for pens. I enjoy selecting and using fountain pens.


Buying a fountain pens is very much a personal process and a great pen store is important in the process. It means finding the right pen for my hand and one with the right look for me.


There are plenty of steps and decisions in the process. The appropriate nib. The size and weight of the pen. The characteristics of the pen, for example, will the cap "post" on the body? Can I use bottled ink or only cartridges?


In addition to the pen, then there is getting the right fountain pen ink. The right colour, the right flow.


Those who enjoy pens live this. In the end, there is a pen that is right for the individual. The process of writing is part of the indivdiual's character.


Please enjoy the information contained on this site.

Glenn Marcus visiting pen store


Glenn visiting another pen store.




Marcus Moments Pen Cards

I enjoy writing with my pens, and to fill a need in terms of what to write on I produce a series of art and note cards available at


I found myself standing infront of the card selection at most card stores looking at the cards that were not right and in the end buying something so that I could get the process over. In the end, what I most wanted was a blank card, with an image that related to me and my comments, that was on good paper so that I could actually write with one of my fountain pens.

They were not out there so I created the series. Our cards with scenes from Italy and France have been very popular with those "non-pen-types".






Glenn's views on pens


Profile: Visit with OMAS in Bologna, Italy