Montegrappa Extra Otto, Zebra


My annual visit to Novelli Pen in Rome has traditions. I walk around the store with Marco. He opens each of the pen cases, talks about the pens, and he watches my reaction. He is pretty skilled, or I am very bad a hiding my emotions, but in no time there is a tray full of pens to take back to the counter and try!

Montegrappa Extra OttoIn September 2015 we had viewed the Montegrappa counter in his store and there was no pen to which I was drawn. But Marco said wait, come here, and we went to his outside display window and there I saw the new Montegrappa Otto line. There are thre distinctly different pens, a Shiny Grey, Malachite Green and black and white Zebra. (See image to the right).

I was almost speechless. As as soon as I saw the black and white model, the Zebra, I know that pen was coming home with me!

I have always been a fan of the Montegrappa Extra 1930 model. To me, this model reflects the sheer high standard of design in a fountain pen. But the Otto and a slightly larger pen, and therefore even better for my hand.

The Otto is the eight-sided, octagonal version, of the Extra 1930.

The pen is made of celluloid with sterling silver trim. Classic Montegrappa. If I could have two pens? The Shiny Grey would be a "sister" for my Zebra model. But the delicate and repeating lines of white on the black body made the Zebra stand out as the clear choice for me.

Montegrappa Extra Otto

The celluloid feels so good in the hand. The broad sterling silver band at the end of cap section helps to draw out the whites in the multiple layers in the cap and body. The clip and nib section are sterling silve. On the nib itself, the octagonal shape is repeated on the 18th k gold nib. The pen fills with a piston mechanism.  The pen comese in a large wooden pen box, with leather piece to place on a desk, and there is a bottle of Montegrappa ink in the box.

This is a limited Edition pen, there are 888 pieces made, and I have pen 391. The nib is one of the smoothest nibs I have every written with.

I am so pleased with this pen. My only regret is that as one of the top lines for Montegrappa, they have priced the pen at a point that will prevent many from being able to own it.