Novelli Augusta



Waterman PatricianIt was in 2000 that Marco and his dad, Augusto, started the planning of a special pen to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Novelli Pen & Pipe Store.  The resulting pen, the Augusta, came from two concepts.

Marco liked a pen created by Montegrappa, the Reminiscence. This pen has a shaped body, with eight sides for the body and cap.

Augusto liked a rich blue and bronze celluloid that had been used in the 1920's for the Patrician line by Waterman.

Together, they worked with the Italian pen manufacturer Visconti to create the pen for Novelli. Up to this point, Viscount had not produced an faceted pen, one with sides, and this would be their first.

I first met Augusto in 1997. He wrote me with an offer: come to Rome and he would take my wife Karen and myself to lunch! Why not! We enjoyed meeting Augusto. He showed us the extensive collection of pens at Novelli. At this time, the store was actually across the street from its present location. It was a smaller store, and everything came out in trays from the back room. The lunch? It was great. We have been eating at the restaurant L'Archetto ever since.

Our next trip to Rome was in 2001 and we had the bad news that Augusto had passed away. We met his son Marco, and once of the pens that Marco did show me was the original Augusta pen. It was a Limited Edition of 300 fountain pens. This was being sold through his store. I did not select the pen at the time, and I ways regretted that decision as it was very unique. In subsequent years I would see the odd Augusta become available on e-bay, but in the end I was never able to acquire one with a broad nib.

So in 2015 when Marco showed me the new release of the pen I quickly made the decision to acquire the Augusta. Again there would be 300 pens available with 24 k gold trim, but also four pens available with Sterling Silver Rhodium plated trim. The four pens in silver were also unique in that the numbers engraved on the top were in Roman numerals.

I have pen IV of IV, and I consider this quite the unique, and for me, special pen.

Marco made some of the the pen with gold trim available in other stores outside of Italy.

How is the pen? One of my best pens. Overall, it has a light feel as the body and cap are made of celluloid. It is a large pen, 5 1/2 inches when capped and 6 3/4 inches when the cap is posted, so it sits in my hand very comfortably. The pen uses a power piston filling mechanism and there is a clear ink view window to show the status of ink in the chamber. There is a double reserver so ink can transfer to a second chamber for flights. The pen pulls up a lot of ink.

Writing is a pleasure as the pen has an incredibly smooth 23kt gold palladium nib, I ordered a pen with a Broad width, and it lays a solid line of ink on the paper. I know from friends trying the pen, this is one pen that is immediately acknowledged as a smooth writer.

The clip is bold and distinctive, there is a spring mechanism that helps with the clipping of the pen in a pocket.