Pelikan Souverän M800 Tortiseshell Brown




In 1987 Pelikan issued the M800, a line of pens that if often referred to as their entry into the luxury pen line. A M800 in tortoiseshell was produced as a limited run. Pelikan now repeats that with the issuance of the 2013 M800 Tortoiseshell. Produced in limited numbers, but once completed, no more pens will be produced.

To match the beautiful shades of brown, tan and orange, the pen is produced in a dark brown resin. From a distance it make look black, but when light falls on the pen, the rich brown colour is very evident. The pen is appropriately trimmed in 24 kt gold plate.

The limited number M800 Tortoiseshell is available in Fine, Medium and Broad nib style. I ordered mine with a broad nib and it is a very smooth writing pen. In addition to the fountain pen, Pelikan will be producing a Roller ball and Ball point pen, again in limited numbers.

The pen is the standard M800, and all comments on the M800 in terms of size and feel in the hand stand for th is version.

There is a Tortoiseshell White in the M600 line, but the colours of the M800 Tortoiseshell Brown are just that, brown versus the golden greens of the M600. Likewise, the colour of this pen are totally different from the M101N Tortoiseshell Brown pen.

I love the pen, it has all the feel in terms of size and quality of the M800 line. The packaging of the pen, given its price and restricted production, feels inappropriate. The pen comes in a standard cardboard gift box. The lid lifts off, and the only thing special is that the pen is in a white leather case. The white leather pouch is very nice.

Pelilkan, on their website notes that the Edelstein Ink of the Year (2013) will be Amber and I have to ask the obvious question... why did they not coordinate production of the ink so that a bottle of ink was included with the pen?