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Visconti Corsani

On my 2016 visit to Novelli Pen, I selected the Limited Edition Corsani. The pen was issued to mark the 90th anniversary of the store. Corsani, has been in operation in Rome since 1924. Stefano commissioned Visconti to create this pen in 2014. It is a limited edition, of which only 79 fountain pens and 11 roller ball pens were created bringing the total production to 90. Corsani refers to the line as the Visconti 90. I am so pleased to have pen number 75.

The pen is a combination of precious pearl-grey striped celluloid, the same as Visconti used for its Wall Street line. When Marco showed me this pen, the celluloid really caught my eye. This pen was so stunning that even my wife Karen supported me on getting this pen! She said it just looked better and better the more you looked at the pen. In discussion with Stefano of Corsani, he indicated the celluloid is no longer available.

The pen is made in the shape of the Homo Sapiens model. This has been a model/shape of pen that has been very popular for Viscounti.

The pen fills with the Visconti double reservoir power filler system. I am slowly getting used to this. The double mechanism allows you to pull in a double load of ink into the large reservoir of the pen. When the first chamber runs dry, then you can twist the piston mechanism and release the second chamber of ink. There is no clear ink-view window in the body of the pen, , however, the celluloid has a semi-translucent portion that allows you to see if there is still a supply of ink available.

Writing with the pen is a pleasure as it has the famous Visconti 23kt duo-tone palladium Dream Touch nib. Nibs were created ranging from Extra Fine to Stub, and I have a beautiful Broad nib.

Ring at the base of the body section section is engraved: Corsani 1984-2014.

There was a follow-up, the Corsani Octa90nal, using the same celluloid but the traditional Visconti circle/square pen body and cap. I looked at it when I was in the store, it was stunning.



Viscontii Corsani




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