Aurora Talentum

Despite having a visit with Aurora a number of years ago, it was not until I came across the Talentum in 2010 that I added an Aurora fountain pen to my collection. I have the black with rhodium trim with a medium italic nib and a black with gold plate with a broad nib. Both are very good writers.

The Talentum, issued in 2000, is part of the new millennium by Aurora. That is, the past and future, tradition and innovation blended together in a pen of modern design with technical precision.

Aurora certainly got it right with this pen. The nib and the size of the body was the first draw.

The pen is what I consider a large size pen so it fits comfortably in my hand. The original press releases from Aurora targeted this pen to the "young modern manager".  Although the "young" may not be a match to me, this is a pens that looks very appropriate in the world of business.

Later the Finesse line was issued. It is the same pen, but in a slimmer size. The target was the young female market.

The width of the body of the Aurora Talentum is a good 1/2" so I find there is a good substantial feeling to holding the pen.

The pen itself is just under 5 1/2 inches in length, with the cap posted it is 6 1/4". This is very similar to the Pelikan M800 which I also find a very comfortable size and a pen that is almost a benchmark in terms of size for the large modern pen of today.

I particularly like the clip as it has an elegant style. A single smooth curve with a rounded "ball" at the end. This shows very well when the pen is clipped in a shirt pocket. There is enough metal at the end of the cap so it looks like the clip was meant to be attached and not an after thought. The clip it self is "stiff" and you will not have to worry about the pen not being secure when you clip it into a shirt pocket.

The pen uses a converter for ink so there are lots of options for ink in this model.

The body is a smooth, shinny black resin. With the silver tone trim the pen has a very classy appearance. It is one of those pens that just feels good in your hand.

The nib is a 14 carat gold nib with rhodium treatment for one of the pens, and I selected the Italic Medium nib. I must admit, I like the clean look of the rhodium plated nib. With black, the silver tone is always a good match. The other pen has an 14 kt gold nib, with gold trim on the pen.

Aurora is one of the manufacturers that produces its own nibs and when I visited with Aurora I spent a fair amount of time in that section of the factory. Aurora makes a full section of nibs for this pen ranging from an Extra Fine up to a Broad Oblique.

Aurora lists the Talentum as one of its "everyday" lines of pens. It is available in a variety of models. Chrome caps, sold black with gold plated or chrome trim. In addition to black there were a number of solid colours offered including yellow and red. The black is available in the regular resin body as well black resin with opaque "soft touch" rubber coating.


All of the lines have a 14 kt gold nib.


Aurora Talentum

Above: Autora Talentum, Italic nib with chrome nib

Aurora Talentum

Aurora Talentum

Aurora Nib