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Cervinia Trasparente

On my September 2019 visit to Novelli Pen in Rome I was taken with a truly unique pen. I was attracted to the understated look of the Cervinia Trasparente. Then, when I was told the history of this pen, I wanted the pen even more.

The background is fascinating. In the early 30's, in Turin, Italy, Giuseppe Carboni opened a workshop to manufacture safety pens. By 1936, his names his company Cervinia, which is the name of highest peaks of the western Italian Alps. His company continues to grow, now with a staff of 40 employees.

At one time he made over 30 colours of celluloid pens. But the war meant the end of pen production. What to do? Carboni hid the raw materials he was using to produce his pens. There were boxes of celluloid pens and hard rubber rods stored in the basement of the Carboni family store that was located on via Nizza in Turin. But just like the script of a movie, someone reported the movement of material into the basement to the German SS guardds. Could it be ammunition? The Germans came and checked out the basement of the store. Finding no ammunition, the officers left.

There were pens by Cervinia and Royal, the other brand of pens registered under Carboni's name. Some pens were incomplete, other complete.

Many years later a family member recalled the story of the storeage and the reporting to the SS guards. When the basement of the actual building was checked, the pens were found. Not, so many years had passed, all the pens needed to be refurbished. Lucky for us, the Italian pen company Stipula took on the task.

About the Pen

The Trasparente pen was made in 1936. I was drawn to the pen because of its understated look. The pens of 1926 were simpler in design. They were also smaller in terms of the pen body and the nib. But I find the look pleasing and luckly for me, the pen fit in my hand quite well. The pen has a sleek design in both the body and cap. The celluloid is semi-translucent with subtle colour tones. Although it is an eighty year old pen, it looks new as the pens were completely refurbished by Stipula.

The pen is fitted with a smooth 14-kt gold Globus nib that is crafted on the original Globus tooling equipment which were restored and put back into operation by Stipula at their workshop in Florence, Italy in 2014.

Each pen in unique and numbered. I am so fortunately to have pen 45 of the 138 pens that are available.

The overall Cervinia Restoration Project has various models and colours of pens. Of the models I am away of they include the Model 57 -- a grey/green celluloid, button filler; the Regina Elena -- a black with orange tones celluloid, button filler; the Savoia -- a black celluloid, button filler; and my pen the Trasparente --a semi-clear green/black celluloid, piston fill.


Of course a pen hold beauty in its appearance, and pleasure in how it fits the hand, but the utlimate aspect is how it writes. There is no dissapointment in this aspect of owning a Cervinia Trasparente. From the moment Marco at at Novelli in Rome showed the pen I was taken with the appearance. Marco brought out a bottle of ink, the pen was dipped and I was immediately taken with the smooth writing characteristic of the pen. In a store, of course you write on pads of high quality paper. At home, and at my office, the pen delivers the same performance.

Cervomoa Transparent


The Cervinia feels great in my hand

Cervinia Trasparente


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