Delta 30th Anniversary Pen


Delta 30th 1982-2012 (30th Anniversary)

Delta designed and created this pen to celebrate their 30th Anniversary. Indeed, the company has much to celebrate. Entering the pen market in 1982, they have been committed to creating and producing high quality pens, pens linked to high standards of Italian style.

There are three pens in the 30th Anniversary line. Each, turned by hand from solid rods of celluloid. The entire pen, cap, body and nib section, are in the same celluloid creating  a seamless look - cap to nib.

Delta 30th Anniversary PenDelta created 100 pieces of each each colour, for a total of 300 pens.. The three colour options are: marrone (brown), rossa (red) and nera (black).

I was forumate to be able to attain the Brown. There is a marbeled look to the pen with lighter tones of soft brown. I particularly like this pas as it has a different look in look than my other celluloids.

The pens are fitted with Delta's lateral lever filling system. This is my first lever fill fountain pen.

The nib, fitting, it is the Fusion Nib, recently developed by Delta, and produced in its factory. The Fusion nib is a steel base with a piece of 18 kt gold fused to form a single unit. The characteristics of the two metals is said to influence the flow of the ink. Although I can not speak to the science of the metals, I know from writing with the pen, and hearing the comments of others who have used it, the Fusion nib is a very smooth writing nib.

In terms of the other colours, the blac, is not a true black, but a black with flecs of tan and soft yellow in the celluloid. It is quite the looked. The red has viewns of blue and orange tones. Stunning. It would have been my choice, bu I have another pen from Delta with the same celluloid.

Being celluloid, then pen is very light to hold and a good size of my hand.

Delta 30th Anniversary Pen