Delta - Chatterley Fusion 82

Delta Fusion 82

Updated: January 19, 2013 - This limited edition pen flows from a collaboration between Delta Pen and PenTime/Chatterley Luxuries. Delta has released the Fusion 82 as a new line of pens to profile the new fusion nib. Chatterley worked with Delta to create the Chatterley Fusion 82 in four special colours (flecked red, flecked blue, marble brown and shimmery yellow) with a limited run of 18 pens in each colour.

This partnership is an example Delta's approach to manufacturing. I discussed this with Delta when I visited their headquarters in 2012. I include a write up, Visit with Delta. on the web site.

When I saw the pen I was drawn to the bold colours. I also saw that he sold them with a Stub nib, and with those two factors, and his good reputation, I ordered the pen. The Delta-Chatterley Fusion 82 was available in five nib styles (Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad and Stub).

The packaging of the pen is modern. The staff of Delta do their own design work.

This is a good looking pen. I debated about the colour. The pen is made from a solid bar of resin, polished to a brilliant smooth shine. It feels very good in the hand. The finishings on the pen are basic. Crisp and well styled chrome. The clip is plain, with a slight bend, and has a stylish look. I quite like the clip. It is quite strong, nothing flimsy here, and clipped into your shirt pocket, this pen should not slide out.

At the base of the cap is a single band with Fusion 82 engraved in a retro style font. There is a small single band just above that. I think just enough to give the pen a distinctive look. When you rub your fingers over the clip and bands it has the feel of a well made pen.

For the Delta-Chatterley Fusion 82, just above the band, engraved in the cap is the pen number. I am fortunate to have #14 of 18.

Delta Fusion 82

Fusion Stub Nib Sample Writing

Fusion 82The image above shows my writing with the pen loaded with Diamine Twilight - a beautiful blue-black ink that I have found performs well in a wide range of pens.

Fusion 82The pen body and cap is made from a solid bar of resin which is a method more aligned with high end pens than injection mold bodies and caps. Each colour options has visual depth. The red and blue are aptly called flecked as there are flecks of white to give the appear of the pen interest. The regular Fusion 82 line released by Delta comes in black, blue, mauve, green, brown and white resin colours. The all resin body and cap means this pen is very light. For those who lean away from heavy pens, this is one to consider.

The 18 kt gold that is fused onto the steel nib is substantial, so you do have a pen with silver-tone trim, and basically a gold nib. While often the nib and trim are matched in colour, with the red the gold does look good. So I now have a fusion nib in Stub, and I enjoy the writing experience of the nib. I find the colour cheerful and it has an understated look that does not look out of place in a business meeting.

At the January meeting of the Vancouver Pen Club I passed the pen around for others to try. A number of the members ran the pen through the "test" with a pretty much a consensus in terms of a rating. The pen has a good look, and the nib ranked higher than all 18 kt gold nibs on some of the other pens.

Well done Delta and Chatterley Pen.