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Delta - Chatterley Dolcevita Fusion Star, Sole

Yes the classic orange and black makes me thing of Italy, but when I saw a photo of this pen, I immediately thought of our great times on the Amalfi Coast. Pictures of the lemon orchards jumped into my mind. The Dolcevita Sole is a special production by Delta for Chatterley Pens.

Consistent with its name, Delta uses the Dolcevita body, cap and internal mechanism to create the pen. This was a limited run, with only 18 pens made. I am pleased to have pen #13.

Why so many of these pens you ask? Define many. But to answer the question it is the shape and construction of the Dolcevita pen itself. It sits so well in my hand. It is a large pen, but not too big. The cap nicely posts on the body. The body is right for my hand. The colour of this pen remind me of the Amalfi Coast. I was going to heading there in the fall for our 2014 visit and I was visioning writing in my Travel Journal with this pen.

The pen if fitted with Delta's #6 Fusion nib. I can't speak to whether there is better flow of the ink or not with the fusion of the piece of 18 kt gold to a steel nib, but I do know the Fusion Stubs create a great line on the paper for how I hold the pen. Delta designed and makes the Fusion nibs in their factory. My pen is with a Stub Fusion nib.


The pen is part of the Fusion Star line for Chatterly. On the end of the cap is a star logo. The trim is 925 sterling silver. The clip is sturdy a small ball helps with fixing the clip in a shirt pocket.

It is turned from bars of acrylic resin and has a good substantial feel.

There is a small cap at then end of the pen body that covers the Delta designed ratcheting piston fill system. Just unscrew the cap and you can twist the top of the piston to expel or draw up ink. I like the Delta ratchet piston system. It produces a series of clicks when you have turned it to the fullest. No concern of stripping threads. A small window just above the threads shows if there is ink in the chamber.

The Dolcevita size is excellent for me. The pen is 145 mm in length and 16 mm in width of the body.

A truly unique pen in terms of the colours and patterns of the resin. Only 18 were produced and the pen is no longer available.




Chatterley Dolcevita Fusion Star, Sole


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