Delta - Dolcevita

Delta Dolce Vita Oversized Fountain Pen

A relatively young pen company, Delta, was founded in 1982, and they have produced a line of pens that is iconic in terms of the classic Italian fountain pen - the Dolcevita. It seems I almost live in Italy, so I guess it is only fitting that I have the Delta Dolcevita fountain pen. La Dolcevita means the sweet life.

The pen is turned from solid bar of orange resin for the body, and black for the cap. The solid black cap with the rich orange marbled resin makes for a stunning pen. There are various versions providing options in terms of size of pen.

Dolce Vita - CapThe black cap gives the pen a very solid look. I also have the Dolcevita Oro, where the cap and the body are in orange resin, but I must admit, I find the black orange a great combination.

Near the bottom of the cap, the bands are sterling silver, or, as with the model I have, in vermeil which is gold plate on sterling silver. I like the look of the gold plate on sterling silver with the orange body.

The pattern on the ring is said to be a pattern found in old paintings from Pompei.

The pen is a regular production line, however, Delta numbers each pen. Nice touch.

Dolce Vita Fountain Pen

I think of terra cotta as being a duller orange but I do like the rich orange colour of the pen.

There are four basic body sizes in the Dolcevita series:

  • Mini,
  • Mid-Sized,
  • Oversized and
  • Stout.

The Dolcevita series come in either a piston or cartridge/converter ink fill mechanism. Mine is a converter and I find it pulls enough ink into the pen to be quite functional.

And finally, the most important part of the pen, the nib.

Dolce Vita Fountain Pen - 14 kt gold nibOn my pen this is a beautiful 14 kt gold, solid tone nib. Many of the pens I see have two tones, but mine is single gold tone.

I was able to get an oblique medium, like a stub, so this pen seems to be made just for me.

The nib creates a very solid line of ink and the oblique style gives the shaping of letters that extra personal touch as its responds so well to the nature of each person's writing.








An Exclusive, the Dolcevita with the Fusion Nib

Delta Dolcevita with fusion nibIn June 2012, I had the pleasure of visiting Delta Pen at the headquarters located just outside of Naples, Italy.

My write-up of the visit and the tour of their factory is included on the site.

Left: The Dolcevita, Mid-Size, with the Fusion Nib.

During the visit we talked about the exciting new Fusion nib Delta created. I was presented with a Delta Dolcevita pen fitted with the new Fusion nib that I describe in the write-up. The Fusion nib is new technology fusing the qualities of steel and gold to create a metal with its own writing qualities.

The pen is the medium-sized Dolcevita and has a converter-cartridge ink fill system. It is a great addition to my collection of Delta pens.

Fusion Nib by DeltaBeing on a month long holiday in Italy at the time, I used the new Fusion nib extensively for writing in my travel journal.

Right: the new Fusion nib by Delta.

I found the nib to be very smooth and the ink flow very consistent and responsive. The nib is a medium, as I was told the first production of the new fusion nib would be first for fine and medium nibs. The full range of nibs are now available.

Dolcevita with Fusion NibEven with being a mid-size pen, the pen has a good overall size for me. With the cap posted, or not posted, the pen is the same length as the Pelikan M800 - which has always been a good size for my hand. The body is wider and there is where for my hand, the real comfort comes to play.

Right: I am enjoying this pen!