Delta - Stantuffo Dolcevita Arcobeleno Fiocco Di Neve

Delta Dolcevita Stantuffo Rainbow Sea Blue

When I found my self with the opportunity to bet the Delta Dolcevita Stantuffo Rainbow Sea Blue Limited Edition Pen, it was a case of acting fast. By limited edition, this is very limited. There were only two pens crafted by Delta, and I have number 1 of 2.

Bryant Greer of Pentime/Chatterley Pens worked with Delta in the making of a range of limited editions from stocks of resin that Delta had available. He has these pens available through his store and has posted options to buy on e-bay.

Delta Stantuffo Rainblow Sea BlueThis particular pen was made using the same style as the Dolcevita line. When I visited with Delta in June 2012, they noted that because of the handcrafting approach they often make pens in small quantities.

Right: The pen comes in a wood presentation box.

Little did I know at the time that I would be having just such a pen in my collection.

Stantuffo means piston in Italian so this is the piston-fill model. This pen is made for a solid bar of eye catching blue resin. It has been called the Dolcevita as they have used the same measurements as that line. The pen measures 14 cm/7/5 inches in length. the body is a good 15 mm 1/2 inch+ in width. This is the same body size as used for the Dolcevita Oro.

Dellta DolcevitaThe pen uses a piston fill, and there is a see through section just past the threads which shows the ink supply in the piston.

At right: a small cap covers the piston mechanism. The view-window to show if ink in the chamber is just above the threads of the nib section.

Delta's pistons are smooth, I like the double click to indicate the pen has been filled. Much better than some of the piston mechanisms that you just turn, and wonder if you have turned it too much.

The pen is trimmed in sterling silver, gold vermeil trim which looks quite smart against the deep rich blue tone resin. The pen is made from a solid piece of resin.

The ring at the base of the cap engraved by hand and reproduces an old Roman decor featured in old paintings from Pompei.

The clip is the classic, well-styled clip found on the Dolcevita line, with a small rolling wheel that helps the pen smoothly slide across the shirt pocket.

Delta Dolcevita Stantfucco Arcobeleno Fiocco di NeveThe nib is the Delta 18 kt gold, rhodium plated nib used on the Dolcevita series. This nib is a broad, the the pen is an extremely smooth writing pen.

Right: the stunning nib on this Dolcevita model. The two tones, with gold, look so good with the rich blue colour of the pen.