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Montegrappa Espressione

I purchased the Espressione because I was without my Extra which was in for repairs with Montegrappa after a terrible accident - the pen fell from my hand onto the granite floor tiles at the bank. Ouch. I needed a Montegrappa to use and I came across the opportunity to pickup the Montegrappa Expressione from Vancouver Pen.

Montegrappa has established the marketing message for this line "is the expression of yourself." After using this pen I can certainly say it is a great writing instrument for expression. This is one of the lines where the price dropped with the transfer of company operations. Good news for us.

It is a large size pen, so you will have to like a big one to like this model. The body is one size, there is no tapering in width until the bottom of the nib section. The pen comes in mystery black, deep blue, rich brown or red, and specially-treated sterling finishing combines for enduring brilliance.

The red is stunning and the different variation of the turned resin really come our in the red.

The black has some gray tones that run through the turned resin to give is some variation from a totally black pen. It comes alive when the light hits the pen.


Montegrappa Expressiione


Montegrappa Expressione


Montegrappa Expressione






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