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Faber-Castell - Ambition

I buy fountain pens to use, so the performance of a pen is important. Here is a fountain pen from Faber-Castell is ranks high in design and performance. A great combination at a reasonable price.

Ambition Series in Black

I have been using the Ambition Black for a number of years. The pen has a classic appearance, with a rich look. The black body, the chrome-plated cap and the smooth line in terms of the cap posting on the body with no ridge, gives this pen a classy look. The pen looks great in a business setting as well as on your desk at home. Nothing garish here.

The pen uses cartridges or a converter, although the first Ambition I purchased was not designed to take the converter. One would fit, but it would catch slightly when inserted into the body. But being able to use a converter meant the pen was an option. A good option it turns out as I have a couple of these pens. They are great to travel with. The pens now being sold have no problem with the converter.

The nib section has a chrome part that screws into the body of the pen. There is not much to grab onto, and when you dip the nib (and section) into an ink bottle, it is very difficult not to get ink on your fingers as you screw the nib section back into the pen. From a design point of view, if the nib section was any larger, it would most likely look out of place and also create too much of a drop-down area for the fingers.

The clip of the pen is classic. With a clean design it adds to the look of the pen and does not detract from the overall appearance and style of the pen.

The clip is spring loaded so there is a little give and then the clip nicely secures the pen in the shirt pocket.

The nib is stainless steel, available in Fine, Medium and Broad. I have the Broad nib pen and it writes very smoothly. After writing with this pen, you will question yourself as to the price of the much more expensive fountain pens.

The cap snaps onto the pen so when it posts, the cap and the body form one seamless surface. That too adds to the elegant look of the pen. The inside of the cap is plastic and when I first started using the pen I was worried that the plastic may wear out and the post would not be a secure. But, after a number of years of using the pen this is not the case.

Ambition Brushed Stainless Steel

This pen, available in a brushed stainless steel body with a the standard Ambition glossy chrome-plated cap.

Again, as an overall size, the Ambition series is just below that of a large pen.

I was pleased when I purchased this pen that Faber-Castell has fixed the internal size of the pen body so a converter nicely fits.

The performance is the same as the Ambition Black. The brushed stainless steel body gives this pen a very modern trendy look.

The pen just feels larger, but it is not, as the same cap can be used on both the Ambition Black and Brushed Stainless Steel bodies.

Ambition Cocos

At the end of 2006 Faber-Castell issued the Ambition line in a Coconut wood body, called the "Cocos". The folks at Vancouver Pen were quick to put one of these aside for me and I was quick to acquire the pen. What a great addition.

Faber- Castell indicated in an article published in PEN WORLD (2007) that it took them two years to perfect the pen because coconut wood is difficult to work with. But they did and this is a very attractive pen.

As with the Ambition line, the body is about a slim as I would want but it is still comfortable to hold in my hand. It has the same smart classic style of the Ambition Black and Brushed Stainless Steel The performance the operation of the pen is the same.

The main distinction is the body material and the look of the pen with the brown and black wood.


Faber-Castell - Ambition

Faber-Castell - Ambition

Ambition in Brushed Stainless Steel


Faber-Castell - Ambition

Ambition Cocos


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