Graf Faber-Castell Intuition

Graf van Faber-Castell - Intution


The Intuition is part of the Graf von Faber-Castell line of pens. I have been admiring the classic Intuition first issued in black, since it came onto the market. When the Ivory edition was released in 2010, my draw to the overall classic look of this pen went up a notch.

This is an example of straight forward simple design. Intution - CapThe barrel, or body of the pen is a single piece of resin, with a slight depression where the fingers would hold the pen, this adds to the comfort of writing with the pen.

The cap is a shinny black resin. There is a single platinum-plated ring at the end of the cap embossed with the company name, Graf von Faber-Castell and "hand made in Germany". The clip is the one found on the Graf von Faber-Castell line, spring loaded, and with an elegant curve.

As the body of the pen is one piece, by twisting the top of the pen, it releases the nib section and the ink cartridge for filling. Then return the cartridge and nib section to the pen, hear a slight click, and then turn the top of the pen and the nib section is pulled up into the body and locks into position.

While this mechanism was very interesting in the store, I must admit that once you have dipped the nib section in ink, you need to wipe it before you attempt to insert and have the nib section drawn up into the body. I actually prefer to wipe the entire nib section after it has been firmly placed int the pen. Not an easy with this pen.

The cap does not screw onto the body, you just place it on the body and press. This aspect caught be off guard when I first when to cap the pen. But what this all means is that there are no threads or ridges for the cap to clip/catch on the pen. Just an elegant, smooth, single piece of resin. With the nib section pulled into the body by the screwing mechanism, it means there are no seams.

It is a somewhat shorter pen for me. Where the Pelikan M800 is about 14 cm (about 5.5 inches) in length, the Intuition is only 12 3/4 cm in length. When the cap is posted, as I always do with a pen, it is 15 cm in length. My M800 extends to 16.5 cm. The body diameter is 12 mm about the same as the M800.

Graf van Faber-Castel Intution NibMy nib, although a Broad, writes notes a thick medium, and this is characteristic of other Graf von Faber-Castell pens then I would recommend you try then pen to ensure a Medium is not too much line a fine.

The nib is 18-carat gold nib, run in by hand, has two tones that look very good with the ivory-toned body. An all platinum, while great with black pens, may have been too cold in colour for this pen. The gold tone nicely warms the appearance of the nib consistent with the warm colour of the pen body.

The pen writes very smoothly. Good flow, and it takes very little effort to deliver a great line of ink.

Intuition - Ivory

In terms of packaging, always a item of note when it comes to fountain pens, I like the simple pressed-cardboard box, along with a cotton sleeve, tied with string, for the pen to sit in. It just has a good look. Given the pull towards fountain pens as an being less harmful to the environment compared to toss and replace ball points, the packaging seems very appropriate.