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Faber-Castell Ondoro

Here is another great pen I acquired fromĀ Vancouver Pen. The Ondoro is one of those pens that I seem to cycle through on a regular basis. This pen is a good example of how a well designed fountain pen can be produced and sold at a very reasonable price.

The shape of the pen body and cap is hexagonal. The body of the pen is a synthetic material with a chrome-plated metal cap. The sleek lines of the hexagonal barrel in black, with the chrome-plated cap gives this pen a very classic look. You will know the cap is plated versus all metal when you pick up the pen, it is a very light pen to hold in the hand.

The pen clip has a classic appearance. It is flat and lays close to the cap. Functional without standing out in terms of design or appearance. The cap posts onto the body of the pen creating an acceptable overall length to hold in the pen. For me, I find to write without the cap posted on the body, is not comfortable as the pen is then too short for my hand.

The pen fills with a cartridge/converter system. The very bottom of the pen is where the nib section joins the body. There is less then an inch to hold and twist and this is one of the only things I do not like about this pen. After dipping the pen in ink, it does not give me much room to hold the nib section and screw it back into the body of the pen without getting ink on my fingers.

The nib is stainless steel and is a fine example of how a steel nib can provide very smooth writing experience. The nibs are available in Fine, Medium or Broad. It was the availability of a Broad nib that lead me to this pen in the first place.

There is also a ballpoint and mechanical pencil in the series.

In 2010 the pen, already in black and white, was also issued in a warm, trendy orange and that became part of my collection in 2011. I like the orange, the pen stands out.


Faber-Castell Ondoro

Faber-Castell Ondoro Faber-Castell Ondoro




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