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Momento Zero Grande Girasole

From the moment I saw this pen, will it had my name all over it. I have enjoyed this pen so much, that when the Momento Magico Miellefiori was issued, I needed that pen to keep company with my Girasole!

For this pen I did not wait until I could go into a store and try out the pen. I have other pens in the Momento Zero Grande size, so I know how it will fit my hand. I contacted Marco at Novelli Pen in Rome and ordered the pen.

I selected this particular pen as it is made with a very attractive resin that has not been overused in other pens.

Of course opening the pen is a great experience. The pen is inside a box, that fits in a dark colour sleeve, and that fits within an external sleeve. I think they did this on purpose as it makes the opening experience more than a 10 second event! Nah, it is probably for overall protection. Inside the box the pen is in a cello covering sits fitted in the box tray, and along with the pen is a bottle of Leonardo ink. That certainly gets me off to a very positive start. (I really enjoy the Leonardo ink.)

The Momento Zero line was issued in 2019. While I enjoy writing with both the regular and grande line, the wider barrel width and overall length to the pen fits very nicely in my hand. The Grande is about 152 mm or 5.9" when closed and 135" or 5.3" when sitting uncapped. That is a good sized pen. For general reference, this is larger than the Montblanc 149. But the pen still feels very appropriate in my hand.

The clip on the cap is thinner than some of the original Momento Zero pens. I remember talking to Salvatore about the clip when me met. He made a purposeful design change and I like the narrower width. It is still strong and fully functional. The narrow lines of the clip help the glide the eye along the cap along the pen.

The 2020 Momento Zero Grande

The 2020 line which comes in four colours (Blue Fiordacqua, Blue Marina Capri, Caraibre, Luna Rossa). It looks very similar to the previous Momento Zero Grande pens issued last year, with a few differences.

To the eye you would not see the difference in the cap, but the cap is every so thinner when it joins the body, and is smoother when the finger travels along the body and crosses over to the cap. Not that I found the transition difficult with my other Momento Zero Grande, but the new 2020 is a bit smoother.

The new line also has a piston filled mechanism that was designed by Ciro Matrone, and produced in the Leonardo Officina Italiana workshop. My Momento Zero Grande Sand, which I acquired in 2020, uses a dedicated captured converter fill mechanism. While the captured converter in the Grande Sand held a good supply of ink (1.2 ml) the piston in the Grande Girasole holds even more, 1.5 ml. This is a real good supply of ink. For example, the piston fills of the Pelikan M800 hold 1.35 ml. Captured converter just means it is captured by the pen. Fixed. It does not come out of the pen like a standard converter. So don't try to take it out!

The resin and the rhodium plated trim are beautiful.

Ink Flow

The ink flow is smooth, my pen writes without any hesitation. I have been using a variety of inks, including the beautiful Leonardo Blue.

From the moment the nib touches the paper, it just glides across creating a beautiful line of ink. The nib is the #6 size, and the nib on my pen is harmonic steel stub 1.1 - this is my favorite size of the nibs available from Leonardo. I find this an extremely smooth writing nib. Every time I use this nib I do question myself about the difference between this and a gold nib. (Although, when I write with my pens fitted with gold nibs, they are different. You get a top notch smooth writing experience with the Leonardo Steel nib and you never think your compromised.

The pen is available to be ordered with a Number 8 size nib, and if you have written with pens fitted with a #8 nib you know the type of writing experience the extra large nib provides.

The nib sits on an ebonite ink feed that is cut and finished in the Leonardo workshop. Ebonite feeds are main by hand, while plastic feeds are mass produced. The fit of the feed to the nib is important. Ebonite feeds, when heated, are flexible, and the fitting process can be more exact and result in a more superior ink flow.

Using the pen is a great experience. The pen is very light, with one factor being the piston uses aluminum. The finish of the resin is smooth and silky to the fingers. I have held this pen, writing for extended periods of time, never had to put it down and reach for another. You won't have any hand cramping because of eight of poor balance.

The nib section has a nicely tapered design, so the pen is well designed for your hand.

The pen is large enough that I do not need to post the the pen while I am writing, although I do find myself posting on a regular basis. The pen is round, and I have more than my share of pens that have rolled off my desk, do as a normal habit, I post my pens once they are open.

Momento Zero Grande

The Grande line come in a larger pen box that is complete with as bottle of Leonardo ink.

Momento Zero Grande Girasole

The colours of the Girasole resin are warm and inviting.

Momento Zero nib

Momento Magico Miellefiori

Momento Zero Grande Girasole

Size Information

Pen Closed: 156 mm
Body and Nib: 137 mm
Maximum Diameter: 16.8 mm
Grip Section Diameter: 11 mm
Weight: 30 grams


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