Montblanc 146

Montblanc 149Despite being one of the best selling lines of pen on the market, I only have a couple of Montblanc pens. The old 144 which in the 80's seem to such a large pen is now so small, when compared to others, I can hardly write with the pen at all.

I did purchase a 146, over twenty years ago, still have it today, and I use it on a regular cycle. Despite all pens I use on a regular basis that include Montegrappa, OMAS, Visconti, Stipula, Waterman etc. all stunning looking pens; when I use my Montblanc it typically receives a statement, such as "I see you have a Montblanc also". Montblanc has done an excellent marketing job of keeping the profile of its pens high.

Montblanc 146The 146 is just over 5 1/2 inches in length. At one time it was considered a large pen. Now it is equal in size to the M800, Aurora Talentum or the Waterman Exception. The width of the body is under 1/2 inch where many of the "big" pens of day are all just over 1/2 inch in width.

Montblanc originally launched this pen in the 1940s and it was the flagship pen of the new Meisterstück line.

There have been some subtle changes but basically this pen has been in production non-stop. The pen changed from a celluloid body to resin. The old snowflake was made of celluloid or casein (sometimes yellowed) while the newer snowflake is blazing white plastic. Now the ink-view section just above the nib has a stripped pattern, while before that it was clear.

The pen fills with by a piston method, and it holds a reasonable amount of ink. The clip is elegant in that it is gold-plated with no fancy engraving or decoration. The band at the base of the cap spells out Meisterstück and has the 146 notation.

The nibs is 18 kt gold, and mine is a custom nib in a single-tone rather than the two tones in many Montblancs.