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Montegrappa Extra 1930

I remember seeing the Montegraapa Extra in 1991 on a visit to Novelli Pens in Rome. My typical visit with Marco is ask him to show me something exciting. Well he did. For those that have been to Novelli you will know that while there are numerous counters of pens in the front section of the store, Marco always goes to the back and comes back with tray after tray of pens. When the Montegrappa Extra was presented as an option, I stopped looking.

My first was in 1991 with the Parchment. Then in 2009 I acquired another, the Marble Green. Most recently, in2014 I added the Turtle Brown by my set of Extra 1930s.

The Extra 1930 is a large pen, with an oversized nib.

Even my wife Karen was excited when she saw and wrote with the pen. As we know, that is a helpful reaction! Sometimes Marco has presented her the pen rather than directly to me ... smart man.

The Extra 1930 is based on the design of a 1938 model and has a classic appearance. The pen is big with a very large 18-karat gold nib, and an ebonite ink-feed system. The ink flows onto paper with ease. The internal piston filling system holds a good amount of ink.

The pen has a good sturdy clip and a screw on cap. The body and cap are celluloid with Sterling Silver trim. There are four different nib sizes available extra-fine to broad.

My Parchment is with a medium nib. My Marble Green and Turtle Brown are with Broad nibs.

I had a slight problem with the Parchment pen when I first purchased it. Ink from the nib would be deposited inside the cap, and then work it way out of the cap along the clip where it enters the cap. For the first few days I would clip my pen into a white shirt only to find a small dot of blue ink appear! I sent it back to Montegrappa and they installed a plastic sheath in the cap. Works fine now. So not only was I pleased with the pen, but I was pleased with how the company responded to my problem.

Mongegrappa Extra 1930



Montegrappa 1920 Parchment

Montegrappa 1920 Extra Marble Green

Montegrappa Extra 1920, Marble Green

Montegrappa Extra 1920 Turtle Brown

Montegrappa Extra 1930 Turtle Brown



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