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Montegrappa Miya

When I met with the owners of Montegrappa just after the company has transferred back to the Aquilla Family, I remember one of the statements the head of marketing made: celluloid and sterling silver is the DNA of this company. It is a statement that has stayed with me. As I look back at the Montegrappa pens that I own, it seems the combination of celluloid and the sterling silver trim is the combination I find most often.

I have been very partial to the Extra 1930 collection, and the MIYA is a pen that is very similar. It is smaller in length, but because of the shape of the body, just as wide to hold where the fingers hold the pen.

I am not sure of the exact year the pen started production, but it was listed in the 2008/2009 catalogue that Montegrappa gave me when I visited the factory. Last year when I was at Novelli Pen in Rome, I considering acquiring the MIYA but went to a different pen instead. This year Marco still had one MIYA left, the fountain pen in yellow, and with a Broad nib. I think it was waiting for me. The pen is no longer in production, so the combination of a distinctive colour, and nib choice, meant I had to act now!

The feel of the celluloid makes this pen a pleasure to hold. I love sterling silver, and the clip, Geek Band and the nib section are all in warm sterling silver. I don't mind polishing up my sterling silver from time to time!

The nib is a smooth 18 kt gold two-toned nib, and the ink feed is ebonite. Classic Montegrappa top quality materials.

The pen fills with a cartridge system. The cartridge inserts then screws into the nib section for a nice tight hold.

The Geek cap band is a true cut out, you can see the celluloid through the pattern.

The MIYA line had various versions produced by Montegrappa. The MIYA Argento had a sterling silver cap. Later the line came out with carbon fiber caps or bodies.

Montegrappa Miya

Montegrappa Miya

Montegrappa Miya




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