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OMAS 360 Vintage Teal

In 2011 OMAS issued the first of the 360 Vintage Collection. The first was the 360 in a translucent blue. I regretted not getting that pen, but at the time I could not find one with a broad nib. Early in 2012 OMAS announced the 2012 OMAS 360 Vintage in translucent red. From the time I saw the first photography of the pen, I knew this was I pen designed for me! Then in 2012, OMAS issued another of the Vintage 360 limited edition, in Turquoise, also referred to as Teal. This pen OMAS targeted for the American market. My wife thought it was a pen I should have.

OMAS markets the 360 Vintage Collection as a line that glamorizes the famous triangular model of the original 360 in a modern and fashionable way. The pen comes in a translucent resin. The turquoise/teal comes in a high-tech rhodium trim, or in rose gold. I was glad to get the silver High-Tech line as I think the teal and silver are a good match.

As this is a limited edition, each of the pens are numbered. Production is limited to 360 pieces, and I have pen number 56. There are 36 fountain pens produced with rose gold accent trim.

The body is striking. It has all the great style of the classic 360, including one of the best clips around. The transparent cotton resin is a light colour of teal or turquoise. I find the colour of the pen to be lighter in terms of density than say the red, and you can easily see more of the inner workings of the pen through the body and the cap.

The cap has a distinctive original horizontal ribbed pattern. On the size opposit the clip is the serial number of the pen.

It is a big pen, with 150 mm (5.75") in length when the pen is capped. With the cap off, and I use it with the cap off, the pen is still large, measuring just over 130 mm (5") from the tip of the nib to the end of the body. If you post the cap on the pen, then is is really a large pen, stretching out 175mm (6.75"). I actually find myself no posting the cap on the 360 vintage pens. But I do so with safe feelings, and the pen, with its triangular shape, is not going to roll off my desk.

I was lucky, my wife, Karen, wrote Marco Parascenzo of Novelli Pen in Rome and ordered the pen for me.

The pen has a very smooth 18 kt gold nib. All nibs are different, and I must say, the broad nib on my Teal model is evern smoother than the broad nib on the red model that I also own. The ebonite feeder system allows for a smooth flow of ink from the ink chamber to the nib.

The pen is piston fill, it pulls a good 1.20 ml of ink into the pen. The ebonite ink feed results in a very smooth ink flow.

The pen comes in a large presentation box, completed with a bottle of OMAS turquoise ink. The OMAS turquoise ink is a little on the "light" side for me. After one fill up of OMAS ink, I moved on to Waterman South Sea Blue which I found has just a bit more density in terms of colour.

he pens have the classic OMAS greca band at the bottom of the cap an at the bottom of the body by the nib. It creates a sophisticated look.

The OMAS Vintage Teal has a great 18 kt gold nib, rhodium finish for the hi-tech finish. My pen is with a Broad nib. Very smooth indeed.

The cap of the pen has a inner sleeve at the upper end of the cap and the sleeve is visible through the cap. The sleeve helps to protect ink that may be on the nib, from resting on the resin of the cap. That I feel is a very good design aspect that OMAS put in place for the pen.

So after having the pen for a few days I like it. When my wife heard me say... I wonder what colour they will bring out for 2013, I was told to not even dream. Of course I will!


OMAS 360 Vintage Red


OMAS 360


OMAS 360 Vintage Red


OMAS 360 Vintage Red



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