OMAS - 360 Vintage Red

OMAS 360 Vintage Red

In 2011 OMAS issued the first of the 360 Vintage Collection. The first was the 360 in a translucent blue, often referred to as the 360 Vintage Purple. I regretted not getting that particular pen, but at the time I could not find one with a broad nib and based on some other OMAS 360 pens I have, the medium can be just a bit narrow for my writing.

Early in 2012 Kenro Industries sent out an announcement that OMAS would be issuing the 2012 OMAS 360 Vintage in translucent red. From the time I saw the first photograph of the pen, I knew this was I pen designed for me! It immediately went on my wish list.

OMAS 360 Vintage RedOMAS says the 360 Vintage Collection glamorizes the famous triangular model of the original 360 in a modern and fashionable way. They may be saying that as there have been both good and bad comments on the updated 360 pen. It is smaller, has a different clip and is cartridge/converter fill rather than piston fill.

The new 360 Vintage mirrors the previous design. This particular model comes in a translucent resin.

This pen sits very well in my hand.

Good call on OMAS as I find the original 360 design to have a more classic and comfortable feel than the new 360 model that was released a number of years ago. When I visited with OMAS they were going through the update of all the OMAS lines. They felt it was important to give the pen a new modern look.

While I appreciate it was all part of the redesign and updating of the models, the original 360 design is hard to beat.

The transparent cotton resin is a bold deep scarlet red. The trim is in the HT silver tone style.

The original horizontal ribbed pattern engraved on the cap and the pen’s triangular section on the 18K gold nib emphasize the triangular shape, unique of its kind, symbol of OMAS style.

The pens are numbered and the Limited Edition is limited to a total of 360 piston filled fountain pens and 360 roller balls. By request, OMAS would produce a combined set of fountain Pen and roller ball pieces.

I was lucky my wife Karen wrote Marco Parascenzo at Novelli Pen in Rome that this was a pen I have been talking about for some time. When we visited Marco at Novelli Pen in June 2012, there was the 360 Vintage Red, complete with a Broad Nib! This pen is produced in a very small number, 360 world-wide and I am so pleased to have acquired pen number 156. The line is now sold out, and to have the pen with a broad nib, this is a real treat.

OMAS 360 RedWith only 180 available in America and sold out at the distribution level before we left for Italy, I thought this pen would be unobtainable.

I like the vibrant red cotton resin barrel. It is translucent showing how much ink remains in the pen as well as the internal mechanism. But the red creates a very elegant look. You have to look hard to see the piston mechanism.

The trim goes well with the colour. It is in white rhodium.

The pen comes in a large presentation box, completed with a bottle of OMAS red ink. The ink was a bit of a disappointment. First, it was the regular red produced by OMAS and in my opinion was the wrong red to be matched with this pen. I was expected a bold dark red that would be more consistent with the colour of the pen.

Secondly, I found the ink was subject to feathering as I used it to write in my travel journal.

I like the idea of ink being supplied with the pen, however, I think it is important to pair the colour of the ink with the pen, when the whole theme of the pen in red.

OMAS 360 VintageThe the rhodium-plated 18k gold nib creates a very smooth writing experience.

The pens have the classic OMAS greca band at the bottom of the cap an at the bottom of the body by the nib. It creates a sophisticated look.

I typically write with my pens with the cap posted, and when the cap is posted, you get two bands appearing on the pen. Great look.

The cap of the pen has a inner sleeve at the upper end of the cap. This helps to protect ink that may be on the nib, from resting on the resin of the cap. That I feel is a very good design aspect that OMAS put in place for the pen.

The pen uses a piston fill method, twisting the end of the pen pulls the piston up to draw ink into the chamber. If you look closely, the treads of the piston mechanism are visible - but you have to look to see the internal mechanism. Otherwise, what you seem a a beautiful red body. Well done OMAS in balancing the features of a demonstrator pen with just the right amount of translucence.

Glenn Marcus using his 360 Vintage Red at the Rome ApartmentSo, thanks to my wife for sending the note to Marco at Novelli and paving the way for this acquisition, and thanks to Marco for getting this pen in stock.

Right: I am enjoying writing with my OMAS 360 Vintage Red while at our apartment in Rome.