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Arte Italiana - Wild

OMAS issued the Wild 2008 as part of the Art Italiana Collection.

I am pleased to have acquired this beautiful pen on my 2010 visit to Novelli Pen in Rome.

In fact, I have admired the pen for a much longer time. I thought it was important to obtain the pen now as it is a style and look that I previously let pass me by.

The Wild is almost identical to a pen OMAS issued in 1993, called the Galileo Galilei Limited Edition.

I remember at that time admiring the Galileo in pen (at left ) in shops across Europe telling myself this was a pen to have. In Lucca I was going to buy that pen, but did not. For many years I regretted that I did not get the pen.

Left: The 1993 Galileo Galilei Limited Edition.

The Galileo of course was the old Paragon size, had the geek band at the bottom of the cap and the previous clip. It was produced with gold trim.

Some seventeen years later I have a pen with the same stunning classical look but with the updated look that OMAS initiated a number of years ago when they re-designed their lines: a new clip, the geek band redesigned to incorporate the new OMAS logo and to proudly identify the pen as a creation of ITALY.

The Arte Italiana Wild comes in the Paragon, Milford as well as the 360 body sizes. The come is produced in both HT finish (silver tone) with an 18 k gold nib available in Extra Fine, Fine, Medium and Broad. OMAS produced a fountain pen, roller ball, ball point and mechanical pencil in the overall line.

My pen is the Milford size, one step below the larger Paragon size.

The celluloid cap, body and nib section are a mix of black and white. Like veins of colour in black marble. The classic twelve-sided pen, designed based on a Doric Column, is very comfortable in the hand.

The celluloid material makes this a very light pen to hold and it has good weight. The cap does post to the body, although I find a slight turn is needed to have a secure fit.

There is a plus and minus to the Milford. The nib section is celluloid, where with the Paragon, the nib section is metal, rhodium plated. The metal nib section of the Paragon has been a characteristic that some have not liked about the updated version of the OMAS Paragon and is a point of criticism of the new updated look.

So while the celluloid nib section is very attractive, and gives a smoother overall look to the style of the pen, it does mean ink staining can occur.

The threads to secure the cap has while celluloid, and if ink builds up in the cap, then it transfers to the white celluloid of the nib section.

I have seen this with my pen after a month of use.

My perspective is to accept that as one of the characteristics of the pen. I would not, however, use purple tones of ink that have a higher degree of staining in the pen.

The pen comes with a very smooth 18k gold rhodium plated nib. It is flexible, so there is some give when writing. I have the pen fitted with a broad nib (1.20 mm) and the flow of ink is what I would call very wet. It just flows onto the paper and the nib slides alone the writing surface with no resistance.

The specifications for the OMAS Broad nib are made to leave a 1.20 mm line of ink.

The bank clip and O logo on the top of cap are plated in platinum. So the who look of the pen is classic:black, white and silver toned trim. OMAS calls this the Hi Tech trim,

Acquiring this pen at the start of a month's vacation in Italy meant it got a real workout with my daily journal. All I can say is what a pleasure it was to write with this pen.

For the trip I used a good basic ink, Waterman Black, and everyday it was a joy to use the pen on my travels and not it looks great on my desk.



OMAS Art Italiana Wild

OMAS Art Italliana Wild

OMS Art Italiana Wild

Arte Italiana - Black Resin

The Art Italiana Collection was launched by OMAS in 1930 under the direction of Armando Simoni. The design of this iconic pen is meant to resemble the twelve sided Doric column.

I purchased my first Arte Italiana from Berlin Pen in New York, a company that is regrettably no longer operating. This is one of the older versions of what was called the Paragon. With this model, the clip is flat and does not have the small ball at the end of the clip. That is a feature added to a few years later. It also has the greek band at the base of the cap and also at the top of the nib section.

In short, this is a large size pen with an impressive nib. I have a Double Broad on this pen and it delivers a very bold, wide line of ink. The 18 kt gold nib is very smooth. This was my first OMAS pen and to be one of a number that would follow.

The 12-sided body is very comfortable in the hand. I like the stability in that the pen will never roll off the desk.

There is a classic Greek key band at the bottom of the body, just above the nib. This design was also found on the 1929 Walh-Eversharp pen.

The Paragon, often referred to as the "signature" pen of OMAS, has been in production since the 1930's.

This model is no longer in production, see the new Paragon which I describe below. It is now a much larger pen. More on that pen follows.

Art ItaLIna Black OMAS Arte Italiana


Arte Italiana - Celluloid Arco Green

The Green Arco was originally called Arctic Green. Regardless of the name, this is a very attractive pen with interesting tones of green and gray that catch the light as you hold and use the pen.

I acquired this pen in 2002 when in Barcelona and visiting the pen store, Central de l'Estilografica (See Great Pen Stores). This model is no longer in regular production. The pen was re-issued in a limited edition in 2012.

Being one of the "older" Arte Italiana, the pen has the classic clip, a stylish single band of gold, with a small ball that facilitates clipping the pen into a shift pocket.

the colour tones are exceptional. the celluloid light and dark tones just seem to reach up and grab light offering a depth in the look to the pen.

The pen is finished with the expected high level of workman ship of OMAS pens. The geek gold band at the base of the clip, and a single gold-plated ring at the base of the body and the twist mechanism for the piston-feed ink mechanism.

It is a good size pen, being 5 1/2" in length closed, and almost 7 inches when capped. The 12-sides are very smooth so there are no edges to worry about in holding the pen. The sides give the pen good stability. Put it on your desk and there will be no fears of it rolling off onto the floor.

The nib, a legendary smooth OMAS 18 kt two tone gold nib. This is one of the few pens that I purchase with a medium nib, but it is wide enough so it works for me. The two tone gold nib nicely extends past the base of the pen making a visual statement consistent with the ove


The Green Arco was originally called Arctic Green. Regardless of the name, this is a very attractive pen with interesting tones of green and gray that catch the light as you hold and use the pen.

Arte Italiana Saffron Blue

Another trip to Rome, and another pen! The stunning Saffron Blue Arte Italiana Paragon was purchased at Novelli in Rome. From the moment I saw the pen I was drawn to the classic look and rich colours. The pens consistently receives comments.

Sabrina, Marco's sister, helped me pick out this pen and I selected one with a Broad nib.

The colour, discontinued by OMAS, is hard to find, but Novelli bought up a number of them in both the regular (gold trim) and High Tech (HT - silver trim). I found the gold really complimented the colours in the celluloid and selected that model.

The clip is the classic OMAS clip, a plain band of gold with s small ball at the end that rolls to facilitate clipping the pen into a shirt pocket or a pen holder. The body is made of celluloid and has rich swirls of gold/brown and blue. The pen uses a piston fill method and holds a good amount of ink. The nib, the legendary 18 kt smooth two tone gold nib.

OMAS Arte Italiana Saffron Blue

Arco Bronze, Paragon

In the fall of 2007 I had the pleasure of visiting the OMAS headquarters and have a tour of their factory. Earlier in the year OMAS had introduced the new Arco Bronze Paragon and I was looking forward to hearing about the motivation for the significant change in style from the "Old Paragon" to the new model.

So when I visited with Marco Parascenzo at Novelli Pen & Pipe in Rome I selected this pen as pen for the year. (Well that is the goal, one pen a year!) I have written about the visit with OMAS in the Companies Section of the this site.

There has been much written about the new Paragon. Many felt the departure from the previous style was a mistake. OMAS explained to me during our visit that change was needed to keep the line current.

The new pen is bigger, has a bolder, styli zed clip, and a metal nib section. Not to minimize those changes, but it is still an incredible OMAS pen that is well made and provides a very cherished ownership and writing experience.

The clip is much larger than the previous pens. The larger pen itself needs a larger clip. The small round ball has been replaced with a small wheel that serves the same function as making the clipping of the pen into a shirt pocket or a pen case more secure.

The pen uses a piston filling system and holds a good amount of ink. The nib is 18kt told and with this pen I selected a Medium nib rather than the Broad. The nib is quite large, and the Medium nib lays a good line of ink on the page.

The new Paragon is a very large pen but it sits in the hand very comfortably. The weight is all down near the nib section so you never get the feel that the pen if off balance or would flip while in your hand.

Arxco Bronze, Paragpn

Arte Italiana Milord

Okay, I did not achieve my goal of only one pen a year. In 2007 I also acquired the Arte Italiana Milord, Black Resin HT.

The Milord is a slightly smaller and measures just over 5 1/2 inch in length, and 6 3/4 inches when the cap is posted on the pen. The body of the pen is about 1/2 inch in width so it is still a good sized pen to hold.

This is the new style so it includes the updated clip as well as the O for OMAS at the end of the cap. A new look added to all their top lines that have been introduced after the 2007 launch of the updated models.

In terms of size, the new Milord is actually almost the same size as the old Paragon, so it is very much a comfortable and good-sized pen to use.

The pen is a piston fill and holds a good supply of ink. The cap is 18 kt gold, rhodium plated. I have a Broad nib and it is very smooth and really delivers a good load of ink to the paper.

Arte Italiana Milord

Arte Italiana Milord


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