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OMAS 360

OMAS refers to the 360 as its flagship OMAS pen. It has been in production for over 12 years and over that time produced in a variety of models. They include:

  • magnum size, resin 360,
  • full size 360 cotton resin,
  • Mezzo size cotton resin,
  • transparent cotton resin,
  • Burkina celluloid resin 360,
  • royal blue celluloid
  • titanium 360.

I recently acquired the magnum 360 in blue/black cotton resin in the original line design. A wonderful pen. The "grand daddy" of the 360 line from my perspective although I think if I had the Burkina 360 I would probably be giving that pen the highest designation!

The 360 Magnum is a very large pen. Closed it is 6.25" inches in length. With the cap off, the pen runs a beautiful 5.5" in your hand from the nib to end. And if you write with the cap posted, this pen sits in your hand with just over 7.25"

The shape of the pen, however, sits securely on the desk so there is no fear of this pen rolling off the desk onto the floor.

The shape of the 360 OMAS is what is referred to as a curvilateral triangle. The pen was originally designed by Italian architect and designer Stefano Bini. It is based on the intersection of three equal circles at their midpoints to form an equilateral triangle, three 60 degree corners.

The design shape has been around from classical to early Christian times. In the 1800s Franz Reuleaux established its name as the Reuleaux triangle.

The clip is one of the top design of the pens that I have. So simple and sleek in design. A slight narrowing from the top and then widening at the base. It looks great in a shirt pocket also! This is an very good example of where a clean line really says elegance.

It offers enough holding power in a shirt pocket to sit securely in the pocket, The new 360 Line introduced in 2007 updated the look. OMAS again placed a plain clean clip on the new line, however, it does not have the same look or stability of the original line clip.


The original line has a soft rounded top on the cap, and the nib section above the nib is also a triangle, albeit stepped down slightly.

This is one of the characteristics of the pen that users either liked or disliked about the pen. As with the triangle-shape of the nib section means you can only hold the pen at one angle to the paper.

 OMAS says this is actually the correct relationship of the nib to the paper. But I must admit over the years if someone picks up one of my old 360s the first thing they tend is ask is can you turn the nib as the pen and nib alignment is not right for them.

Not just those I know, there are comments on pen discussion boards where individuals have found this restriction not to their liking.

This was one of the years that with the new 2007 line of 360's OMAS made a significant design change. The nib section transitions from a triangle shape to a round shape. This is similar to the Waterman Exception line.

The round shape gives move flexibility in terms of how one can hold the pen, however, I must say I really enjoy the classic shape and its works fine for my hand.

The 2007 line also has an angled top to the cap so that the new O for OMAS, a design feature of all the new lines, can be placed. For symmetry the cap top and the end of the pen body have similar shapes.

It is not that common to use a medium nib, so the 360 Magnum pen was a bit of an exception to my collection. After a few years I sent the pen back to OMAS to have a broad nib installed. The 360's with broad nibs just flow across the paper. The ebonite feed delivers a good steady flow of ink.

The original 360 is piston filled and holds a lot of ink. I can the pen in the morning and be away for an entire day making notes at meetings and not having to stop and fill the pen up. The new 360 line is cartridge/converter.

The new 360s are updated in appearance. I particularly like the stylish 360 band at the base of the cap. Although I do like it, in a way I do miss the classic OMAS pattern I know, I can hear the designers at OMAS saying... move on, things have to change!

I have been fortunate to be able to acquire a few of the original line design. For me the triangular nib section works fine, and the classic clip and the classic geek band are something that appeal to me very much.

Interestingly, in December 2010 OMAS issued the Erasmus Mundus C.L.E. Certified Edition, a limited edition of 1950 pieces. This pen is in the classic line design with the beautiful clip and full triangular body and nib section along with the geek band at the base of the nib section. Back to the classics!

The original line has since been re-issued in the 360 Vintage Line, and I have a few of those!

OMAS 360 Grey

In a warm, flat grey resin.

OMAS 360

In the classic blue/black resin.





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