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Pelikan Souverän M1000

The M1000 came out in 1998. My first M1000 was in the classic Green/Black stripe, but I then followed with a Black model. Who can only have one of these pens!

As with the M800, for the Green/Black there is a translucence to the barrel so you can see some of the ink level. Similar to the M800, the M1000 in black has a clear window at the top of the barrel by the nib section. A celluloid sheet is inside the barrel in which the piston mechanism sits.

But don't worry about people seeing the ink level in this pen, the nib is what catches the eye. It is massive. A large hand crafted 18 carat, two-toned rhodium masked gold nib — probably the largest I have seen on any modern pen. One of the things I like about the M1000 and the M800 is the ability to screw-in nib units so you can easily have one pen with a variety of nibs. Take care as the M1000 nibs really deliver ink. My Double Broad nib is saved for "signature days" with a broad nib used for daily writing.

I like the M1000, but the pen I pick up the most is the M800, a little smaller, it fits more comfortably in my hand.



Pelikan M1000


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