Pelikan Souverän M800

Pellikan M800Pelikan introduced what is called the differentiated piston in 1929, this is where the thread mechanism has the internal part turn faster than the knob at the end of the pen. Allows a smooth fast draw of ink. For those who have a Pelikan piston pen in their collection, the smoothness and dependability of action is one of the hallmark characteristics of Pelikan pens.

The Souverän Collection

The start of the line began with the launch of the 400 in 1950. At the time the pen was part of a product redesign. The striped sleeve became and still remains a worldwide symbol for the brand. In the 1980s the line took the name Souverän.

The workmanship of the body is impressive. It is not made from a solid rod of resin, rather raw material cotton is processed in many steps until it is shaped into a striped sheet. The sheet is shaped, sanded and cut with a diamond for exact measurements.

In terms of the M800, it came out in 1987 as part of the company's launch into the premium pen market. After going into receivership in 1982, being taken over by the Swiss Company, Condorport in 1984, and then in 1996 Goodace of Malaysia became the majority stockholder. The M400 was re-launched in 1982, after basically not being in production since 1970. It was a hit.

Pelikan M800 Blue

M800 Red


M800 Black


The M800 was a big pen for Pelikan. With a brass filling mechanism this was a pen of weight when it was issued. It was targeting the Montblanc 149. The M800 was first issued in the black with green striped body, as well as an all black model. There was even a limited run of tortise colour pens. Then the pen was issued with a blue, followed by a red.

Over the years I have acquired various different nibs, and the nib units easily screw into the nib section. So changing the nib is very easy.

My M800 in blue always has a Double Broad nib. It is very smooth and lays a good solid line of ink on the paper. The Double Broad Oblique is the nib I have hot and cold feelings about. Some days I love it, others, I find it less smooth. I seem to use this nib in my all Black M800.

My M800 in Green typically has a Broad, and I also have the M800 that came out with the Broad Italic nib.

My M800 in red is fitted with a Broad nib and the colour of this pen is one of my favorites.

M800 Tortise BrownIn 2013 Pelikan is issued as a one-time production, the M800 in Totiseshell Brown. I have a review of this pen on the site.