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In the Spring 2018 Scrittura Bolognese, known as SCRIBO, issued the regular production FEEL fountain pen. A pen with a distinctive look, the regular production line is produced in a blue-black, reminiscent of the OMAS blue black; and a soft grey-blue. The blue-black resin pen comes with rhodium trim, and the grey-blue pen comes with ruthenium trim. I like the look and the feel of the large pens. I had an opportunity to meet with Luca and see the prototype pens when I was in Rome. The next year I met with Luca at the Scrittura Bolognese headquarters in Bologna and say the finished pens, as well as the the next lines to be release.

The byline of the FEEL pen is "feel the writing". This is a writer's pen, and there are plenty of otpions in terms of the nib. The pen is available in a 18 K Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad, triple Broad and a Stub. A flex nib is also available in 14 K Extra Fine, Fine, Medium and Broad.

I did not think I would like the Flex nib, however, in writing with the Flex in Fine I was surprised how much I did like it. I had thought that I was too heavy of a writer to be able to use a Flex nib. Not so.

My Blue-Black has a Broad nib. I like the rich line of ink it leaves on the page as I write. The FEEL is a large pen, and while you can not post the cap on the pen, I wrote with the pen uncapped and liked the experience. The facet design of the pen is something I like as it prevents the pen from rolling off the desk.


My SCRIBO Feel in Rome

SCRIBO Feel Blue Black

SCRIBO Feel Blue Black





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