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Stipula Etruria Alter Ego

The Stipula Etruria line of pens are in my view one of the classics pen styles from Italy. This is one of those pens that I receive comments about when I use the pen in meetings. It is simply a stunning pen. Luckily I bought this before Stipula introduced it new much higher price structure. It is all about market pricing as the same pen sells for some $300 more than the price I paid and I bought it through regular means. One of the Etruria models, the pen has classic style and shape. Soft gentle curve to the body. The pen is a pleasure to hold.

Take note, that the piston system used in the Alter Ego is different from other Stipula pens on two counts. It has what Stipula calls a Self Clearing System, and, it turn the opposite to what you may expect. To fill the pen, you turn the top counter clockwise. To empty the pen you turn it clockwise. Why they would change this is not sure.

The pen has has what Stipula calls a Self Cleaning System (SCS). That means the mechanism cleans the reservoir every time it is filled. This is due to a spinning of the piston head. Be careful, the Self Cleaning Piston operates differently from others.

I have the pen with the 1.1 Italic nib. The two-toned 18kt gold rhodium-tipped nib is large and writes smoothly - this pen is a real pleasure to write with. The 1.1 italic nib produces a good sized-line, and holding the pen in terms of position to the writing surface produces an attractive stroke with line width variation.

The pen is large, and a good size for my hand. When the cap is posted onto the pen it has a good 6.5" in length. When closed, it is 5.6 inches long.

The body is turned from a rod of celluloid and is in rich orange/tan colours with veins of darker tones running through the celluloid. When I visited their production centre, I saw how they keep the celluloid rods in a steel cabinet. Celluloid is combustible, and for safety reasons, almost all of the companies keep the rods stored outside their main building.

The trim on the pen is classic sterling silver. The pen has more weight than the Etruria Amber.

So this is the newest if the Etruria line to be added to my collection, and a welcome member it is.



Stipula Etruria Alter Ego


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