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Stipula Etruria Fiesole

It was in September 2011, when I visited Mora Stylo in Paris I was asking Christine Regnault to show me some fountain pens with a broad nib. She assembled a selection of pens to try, and when I saw and wrote with the Stipula Etruria Fiesole the selection process was quickly concluded.

I have always liked the style of the Etruria pen. The Fiesole is hand-turned with rich gold-brown celluloid with veins of rich blue tones. I immediately liked the look of this pen. The Fiosole has a 18 k two tone gold nib and it provides a smooth writing experience.

The trim (clip, rings) are hand-cast, solid sterling silver with the classic Florentine decoration. Together they give the pen what I consider a classic look.

The Etruria has a soft, easy to hold design. The slightly rounded ends are very comfortable to the hand.

The pen uses a piston ink filling mechanism.

Stipula issued the Fiesole in 2008, so this is a pen that is nearing the end of availability. It is a limited production with 193 pens produced. I have pen is number 124. I particularly like the handwritten certificate of limited edition Stipula provides with the pen.

The first 88 pens were produced with matching .7 mm mechanical pencils.

Writing with this pen is a very satisfying experience. The nib is listed is listed as a specialty nib, 1.4 just a little larger than the standard broad nib produced by Stipula.



Stipula Etruria Fiesole


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