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Stipula Etruria 991

My 2001 Christmas was exceptionally rewarding. Thanks to Todd and the staff at Worldlux for helping my wife buy the superb Stipula Etruria 991 fountain pen as an Christmas Gift. The good news is that Karen was so impressed at how easy it was to order the pen and for it to arrive the next day she says if she knew shopping was this easy... maybe I will get others!

I had first viewed the pen while visiting Simply the Best in Victoria. Jim has the pen as part of the roller ball and fountain pen set. The first 391 pens produced included a matching roller ball pen. The pen caught my eye at that time. It was quite a surprise to see it turn up in December.

The pen is stunning with its brown celluloid, streaked with dark and light tones of brown and mother-of-pearl highlights. Todd was able to arrange for a broad nib, it is a smooth-writer.

The Stipula Etruria 991 is made by Stipula, a pen company based in Florence, Italy. I would have the opportunity to visit with Stipula when in Florence. The Etruria 991 is a special edition of the Etruria, a fountain pen the company first commenced production in 1991 and was made for a number of years but is no longer in production.

The pen is available in a variety of nibs, and the nib for this pen is the same as used on the Etruria, Iris or Duetto models. It is a smooth writer. Ink just flows from the pen. As I passed the pen around, amongst the "don't you have enough pens already comments" there was an unanimous response: this is a great writing pen.

The Stipula Etruria 991 is inspired from the polychromatic art of the Etruscans. The soft, rounded lines are based on the typical shape of Etruscan amphora. The decorative work of finely tooled silver leaves made using the lost-wax casting process will bring memories of any trip to Tuscany!

The rounded oval end and top of the pen make it very comfortable to hold. Light catches the pearl highlights so the pen is an eye catcher without being one that you feel needs covering up in a business meeting.

The filling mechanism for the fountain pen is interesting. It has converter system that uses either Stipula's classic large-capacity piston filler or an ink cartridge - the small international size. Not being a cartridge fan I can't see using one, but I guess it is nice to know I could!

The pen is limited to 991 fountain pens and I am the proud owner of number 503!



Stipula Etruria 991


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