Stipula Ventidue

Stipula VentidueI was looking forward to having the Stipula Ventidue. This is what is called the "new" Stipula Ventidue and there is a significant change from the previous version. The original has "22" emblem just above the top of the clip. These has the stipula leaf.

I was concerned that the pen would be too small for my hand but I have found that as long as I write with the cap posted, then the size is okay.

The pen, when closed as visual of of three separate sections. The cap with the clip, the over-sized ink chamber, and the body section with a sterling silver end.

Overall, the pen is a bit small for my hand, but over time I find that I use it on a regular basis because of the smooth writing nib. For me, the pen cap has to be posted. When posted, the pen is six inches in length. So that is a comfortable length for my hand. The pen is 1/2" wide in body diameter so although the pen looks like a very small pen, it is the same width as many of the other pens that I use.

The 14 caret gold rhodium plated nib is very large for the size of the pen, and I like that aspect of the design. The sterling silver nib section and the gold, gold rhodium plated nib look good together. The nib section is slightly curved so if your fingers slide down to the end of the nib section it has a very comfortable feel.

There are three visual sections to this pen. Starting from the bottom is the silver nib section. Smooth looking. The next is the large see-through ink reserve. No little window like a Pelikan or some Montblancs. The see-through ink reservoir is a full one inch in length. The next 1.5" is the body, with a 3/8" silver top that brings the top and bottom visually together. With the cap posted, the pen body and cap extent for three inches with the single silver band at the end of the cap breaking off-setting the body colour. All in all, I have warmed up to this pen.

The pen I have is blue, Blue Forget-Me-Not is the colour and it is a bright, cheerful blue. It is not celluloid but a resin with a blend of blue and light gray and pearl white-gray tones throughout. There is a real depth to the colour tones. Some of the white tones are actually translucent resin and you can see some of the inner body beneath the pen.

The pen is piston filled, and holds a lot of ink. I like that, and I tend to take this on business trips where I won't be able to fill up a pen during the day as once filled, this pen will most likely last the day of the longest writing experience.