Visconti Ragtime

Visconti RagtimeThe Ragtime was first issued in 1991, a different model was issued again in 1994 and in 1999. The 1994 release was in celluloid, in rich brown tones. The 1999 release was made of Lucite with a guillochet finish. The 1999 version had a steel nib with iridium point. There were 120 fountains pens produced..

Now, in 2008 the pen is updated and issued as a limited ediition pen to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the company. There are 1,988 pens issued, the number to correspond with the year the company was created.

The barrel is turned from a solid bar of acryloid and the two solid 14K gold rings are “force fit” around the cap – a bygone technique still practiced by Visconti’s artisans. The colours are very attractive - a swirling patterns in onyx, gold, tiger’s eye and ivory.

The pen writes so smooth with its 14K gold nib.

Ragtime CapThe Ragtime is also compatible with the My Pen System that was introduced in 2008.

The My Pen System allows the owner to substitute the Visconti logo on the end of the pen cap with a a stone or zodiac sign. The Visconti logo is held on my a magnet, it can be lifted off and a stone or zodiac sign of your choice inserted. I have a couple of different colours (as this also works with the Divina and the Opera pens).

It is just a nice way to personalize my pen for me. There are 12 natural stones,12 western and 12 oriental zodiacal signs available.



Visconti Divina

The Visconti Black Divina has a spiral-shaped body and perfect proportion based on the golden number of 1.618. This is the ratio between the length of the cap and the pen in both open and closed conditions. This is known as the golden or divine proportion.

The pen has a jet black lucite barrel and cap each trimmed in 925 sterling silver for a look that is striking and bold. I bought the oversized fountain pen, and this pen, while large, nicely fits in the hand.

Nib - Divina BlackThe Divina has a 14K gold nib. The nibs are available in Fine, Medium and Broad and mine is a Broad. So smooth, great line of ink.

The Visconti nibs have a small cresent-shaped hole on the top, part of the exclusive design of the company.

The pen uses a Push & Pull Touchdown filling system. Pull the filling piston out of the pen, turn counter clockwise to expel ink out, and turn the piston clockwise to draw up in. Then put the piston back into the pen.

The Divina comes in a regular size and over-sized fountain pen. I purchased the over-sized pen and although big, it fits nicely in the hand and has great balance.


Visconti Opera

The Opera pen was designed with what is known as the "squaring the circle" barrel. A round pen is squared off, but with a comfortable to hold design. No sharpe edges to this pen. This is an innovative design by Visconti that has been imitated by other pen manufacturers. Inspired by the Vitruvian Man of Leonardo da Vinci, inscribed inside both a square and a circle, it gives the pen an ergonomic shape: squared and round at the same time. I particularly like this as when the pen sits on the desk top, there is no fear of the pen rolling off the desk.

The line comes in a range of colour with the pen body and cap being acryloid — resin with celluloid insertions.

My pen is a beautiful blue with a white grain. Semi-transparent the light nicely reacts with the pen. The contrasting platinum trim gives the pen a pleasing modern look.

The nib, a 14 Kt gold, one tone. The nibs are available in Fine, Medium and Broad and the Broad nib that I have delivers a great line of ink on the paper.

Convertor filling system so that you can use any of the great inks available to complete the writing experience.





Visconti Ragtime

Visconti Ragtime. 1,988 pens issues to celebrate 20 years of the company.

Ragtime by Visconti

My Pen System Stones

Some of the stones available for the My Pen System.


Visconti Divina

Visconti Divina

Visconti Divina.

Visconti Opera

Visconti Opera.




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