Waterman EtoileIt was our 10th Wedding Anniversary, we were in Rome and what else do you get as a gift other than a great pen.

For some reasons I was "confused" and thought that the 10th year gift had to be silver. Well that led to the Waterman Etoile - a limited edition version of the Man 100 pen, in Sterling Silver. I have the 199th pen of the 1,000 pens produced. This is my first Limited Edition, so this is a pretty big deal for me.

This pen is different from the Man 100 in Sterling Silver that Waterman also produced. That pen, also available in a gold finish, does not have the Fougere style pattern of engraving. It also has a black top at then end of the cap.

Waterman EtoileThe Etoile, based on the Man 100 body was was introduced in 1993 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Waterman company.

Although produced in France, at Waterman's factory in Nantes, the pen was designed and marketed for the Italian market. At the time, precious metal pens were quite popular in that country.

This is a large, even by today's really big pen standards, and a pen with solid weight because of the brass inner mechanism and the sterling silver body. The pen measures 5 5/8 inches long when capped and 6 3/4 inches when the cap is posted to the pen. I really like the nice tight snap when the cap is placed on the pen body.

Waterman EtileThe barrel and cap are engraved in a Fougere style pattern. The nib section and the top of the cap are in plan sterling silver.

Limited edition pens were not the thing back in 1993. The packaging was impressive. The pen comes in a large blue box complete with a nib that can be pinned on your clothing. I reserve that very special meetings!

The nib sections that come with this pen were available in Fine and Medium.

The filling mechanism is the regular Waterman cartridge/converter method.

The nib is a very smooth 18 carat two tone gold with rhodium plate. The pen is a pleasure to write with.