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Waterman Exception

Waterman launched its new Exception line in the last quarter of 2005. From the first time I saw the ad, this pen made it to my list of must have pens.

The Exception was first issued in two sizes of pen bodies and three different style versions. Night & Day Gold, and Night & Day Black, the Ideal Black - these are the large size pens. In 2006 Blue in the slim line was added, and a red was added a number of years later. The Night & Day Gold has the gold trim down two sides, the Black has the grey pin-stripes down two sides and the Ideal Black is solid black. The Slim line comes in a blue lacquer, a black lacquer with gold trim and a black lacquer with silver trim. When the Night and Day with platinum stripes down the side I had to have that pen.

Compared to some of the pens being released by other companies many would says this is a very conservative pen. Yes in overall looks, but the square with slightly rounded edges of the body sets is part as different. Waterman is flaunting this line as their new flag-ship line. I used my pens everyday in business meetings. This is not a pen that I would be embarrassed to pull out. It looks great.

So the unique aspect is the square body. The nib section changes from square to a round shape with a gentle tapering in size. The nib section also differs in that rather than screw away from the pen body, it uses a bayonet mechanism - it twists and releases from the body.

I placed a special order for my pen so to have a broad nib (the standard shipment to the stores is with a fine or medium nib. It was worth the wait. The nib of the Exception writes so smoothly on paper that a warning should come with the pen to wear a seat belt! It is just that fast. I was even impressed with the medium nib when I tried that one out in the store. In my view, this one is a real winner for Waterman.

In 2008 I was pleased to add to my collection the Waterman Exception, Night & Day Platinum. The Night and Day is the over-sized model, which is a large pen that fits right for me.



Waterman Exception



Waterman Exception Platinum

The Exception is a larger size pen, has good weight and a classic look. The side panels are guilloche-engraved platinum and paired with a black lacquer body, I find the pen very attractive, and one of those pens that can be used in any setting.

Guilloche is a technique of engraving where very precise intricate repetitive patterns are mechanically etched with very fine detail. It involves a specific technique of engine turning, called guilloché.

The body of the Exception has four sides, with a bayonet locking and un-locking mechanism to attach or release the nib section.

Great looking pen.

Wterman Exception Platinum


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