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Waterman Man 100 Opera

Waterman released the Man 100 line in 1983 to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the company. The Man 100 Opera was released two years later in 1985. The pen has a vintage look with body treatment that emulates a chasing pattern used on hard rubber pens of the 1920s.

I wanted the Opera from when I first say the advertisements. I purchased mine, August 31,1991 in London at the Harrod's Pen Department. The pen department was located on the lower floor and until that time I had never seen a pen department or selection as extensive as was in H arrod's. I remember the sale very well. The sales person was very skilled. As she listened to the conversation between Karen and I about do I really need this pen, at one point there was a pause, and she simply said, "What colour of ink would you like with your pen?"

In 1991 getting this pen was a big deal, and at $350 CAD it was up there in terms of the pen purchases that I was making at the time.

So here I am, almost thirty years later, still using and enjoying this pen. The pen has stood the test of time in terms of style and appearance as well as quality construction. The pen looks as good as it did when I picked up at Harrod's.

There is some weight to the pen as it is a resin body over a brass inner structure. This gives the pen strength, but does add some weight to it. The construction of the pen is solid. The pen includes a rubber "O" ring to nicely seal the pen when the body and nib section are closed. A resin body over a brass shaft. The resign is engrabed with a chased bargello stitch pattern. The pattern nicely catches the light as the pen moves with the motion of writing.

The nib is the 18 kt gold, two tone nib, that is interchangeable with the nibs used for the Man 100 line. A very good Waterman nib that is very smooth writing. Being able to interchange the nib sections has meant that over the years this pen has meed a Medium, Broad and Stub - every writing option I would want.



Waterman Opera


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